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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your parents? Well, look no further! If you liked our list of meaningful gifts for parents who have everything, then you’ll love this year’s list, too! These are the best gift ideas for parents this Christmas. From unique handmade finds to personalized gifts they’ll love, we have something for everyone on your list. So go ahead and spoil your parents this Christmas!

Every year, I look forward to the holidays and finding the perfect gift for everyone in our family. While I love coming up with unique non-toy gifts for our kids, finding the best Christmas gifts for parents is just as much fun (and even more of a challenge)! After all, it can be tough to find the right Christmas present for your parents, especially if they have everything they need or appear to have everything they want.

Update: This post was originally posted in 2022, but these are still some of my favorite gift ideas!

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents

Personal & Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Most of our parents can run out and buy a new slow cooker or wine glass if theirs breaks. Therefore, today I’m sharing the most unique & personal Christmas gifts for your parents. I’m also steering clear of the gift card and gift certificate idea. We’re getting creative with this list of gifts for the holiday season! We can find great gifts like a personalized cutting board or framed family tree… with just a little creativity.

This year, show your parents how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Use this list to find a personal, meaningful, unique gift that will make them smile.

Here are a few gift ideas to get you started:

1. Memorial Voicemail Gift with QR Code (to hear the recording) and Soundwave

This Voice Christmas gift is probably my favorite from today’s list of Christmas gifts for parents. I found this with the plan to order it for my parents with a recording of my late grandparents. I also want to order it for my mother-in-law with the recording of her father’s voice, who passed away almost 20 years ago.
By using old home movies or voicemails, you can record the voices and have this gift made. These memories are so special.

Best gift idea for loves one

This gift idea is so innovative, unique, and special. You can use the voicemail or audio recording of a late grandparent. Or – try a recording of you leaving a special message. You can even create a recording of your kids telling them something special. There are so many options, making this a great Christmas gift (or anytime gift!)

The QR code can link to a music recording online or a personal recording submitted by you. Use the scan block to take a photo (with a smartphone) of it and start playing that song or personal recording!

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents

2. Wood Photo

Have your own custom photo printed directly onto round basswood. Made from wood (from a real tree)— each piece of wood will vary in wood grain, making each one unique. The photograph becomes an integral part of the wood, ensuring it will stand the test of time. The natural wood shows through the photo for a beautiful, rustic, and “worn” look. It is said that wood elements within your home can bring balance to your space and life.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - wooden photo

3. Custom Portrait of your Childhood Home (or your parent’s childhood home!)

Celebrate your childhood memories with this special custom portrait for mom and dad. You can choose the portrait so they can hang it on their wall and see it all year. You could also make an ornament of your childhood home to hang during the holiday season.

Growing up in a house with so many memories is something that can’t be replaced. Luckily, it can be captured with this gift. Whether your parents have downsized or still live there, you can all celebrate and commemorate those childhood moments. This special custom portrait of the house you grew up in is a great way to remember special tiems. This is a perfect gift for any parent!

(This would also be a perfect Christmas present for your parents if you used a picture of THEIR childhood home.
You can pick the color of the house and the picture frame. You’ll also check the proofs. This is a beautiful, high-quality gift.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - childhood home portrait

4. Journal: I Love You, Mom, and Here’s Why

Meaningful and personalized gifts for mom always makes the best gifts. This year, give your mom this Christmas gift filled with memories and gratitude. This gift uses the stories you share, written in your own words. If you’re having trouble finding the right words— this beautiful, thoughtful, and fun fill-in-the-blank journal is a perfect choice. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts she’ll receive.

Whether you choose to complete this book in an afternoon or over the course of many days, by the time you’re finished, it will be a keepsake. This will be a commemoration of her love, her hard work, and everything she means to you.

family tree gift for parents - journal for mom

5. Personalized Family Return Address Stamp

A farmhouse-style address stamp is the perfect gift for parents who love to add personalization & detail to things. This is great for handwritten letters, cards, or invitations. This stamp will allow them to quickly address envelopes while adding the finishing touch to your stationery & more.

Create a gift set for your mom and dad by adding a stamp pad with this rubber stamp. This stamp is made of premium wood with laser-engraved rubber for the clearest image. You can even give them a personalized SELF-INKING STAMP.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - return address stamp

I also loved these bicycle return address stamps from Etsy. I ordered these for my mom last year & when they arrived, they were as adorable as I would have hoped!

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - return address stamps

6. A Personalized Pillow – great Christmas Gift for Parents

There are so many to choose from, but I wanted to share these pillows that I found on Etsy. They are great for anyone who lives a few states away from their parents. I think my favorite one is the “All Roads Lead Home Pillow,” but I also love the “A family together, never apart” pillow.

Both of the pillows I’m sharing are customizable, so you pick the location, color, canvas, etc…

Christmas gift idea for parents who have everything - customized pillows with writing

7. Letter Blanket (In Your Handwriting)

This next gift is one I gave to my parents last year – it is probably one of the sweetest Christmas gift ideas for parents or grandparents. The Love Letter Blanket from Frankie Print Co. is great! It is personal, unique, durable, thick, and wonderfully made.

christmas gift idea for parents who have everything - handwritten blanket

This Handwritten Letter blanket is one of the best Christmas gifts for parents because it is so personal – it’s a note, from you, in your handwriting. You send the note in & they transform it into a beautiful blanket.

christmas gift idea for parents who have everything -  handwritten blanket

Last year, when we gave this to my parents, we had all of the grandkids write one line on the notebook (template) paper. It was adorable, personal, and meaningful- the blanket had a personal note from each grandchild in their handwriting. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for parents from kids – this one is perfect.

8. Personalized Family Tree Painting

This Family Tree Name Sign is so sweet – you can include the entire family or just the kids or grandkids’ names. The Family Tree weathered wood sign makes the perfect gift for parents – Christmas, birthday, holiday, or any time of the year! If you aren’t sure what to get parents for Christmas this year, this gift will surely be a hit.

Christmas Gift for parents who have everything  - family tree picture

9. Friendship Lamp (Turn your parent’s lamp on from your house – to let them know you’re thinking about them.)

This lamp isn’t an ordinary lamp! It will bring a smile to your parent’s faces when they receive it as a gift because when you touch one lamp to light it up, it lights up the other one, as well… no matter how close or far apart they are from one another. It’s one of the best Christmas gifts for parents when you’re far away and want them to know that you’re thinking of them.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - light up lamps for long distance

10. Personalized Key Holder

This is such a fun gift! You can personalize it for people or pets. There are options for blank background key holders or custom background key holders. This is a great option, from Etsy, for a personalized key & leash holder.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - a personalized key holder

Here is what it looks like with the custom background. You also customize the people & pets (there are so many options! It’s a fun and practical Christmas gift for parents, siblings, or friends.

Best Christmas Gifts for Parents - a keyholder

Our Favorite Christmas Tradition:

While this isn’t what I’d call a Christmas gift idea for your parents, it does make a wonderful gift for everyone because of the memories it creates. These Christmas Countdown Conversation cards are my family’s favorite holiday tradition. Whether you are spending Christmas at home with your kids… or away from home with family, these cards are so special and will create amazing holiday memories.

Christmas Countdown Cards

Use these Christmas Conversation Cards to start some very meaningful conversations, embrace the holiday season, and let the simple family moment take the lead… so memories can be the gift.

Christmas Countdown Cards
Sample card from Countdown to Christmas Conversation Cards

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  1. Great ideas! I got for my parents a grandfather clock from premier clocks. They were very happy. I think it’s a really good choice.

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  3. Knowing what to get your parents for Christmas is never an easy task! My parents actually get upset when we spend money on them, but they do love photos. This year, I am going to use your idea for the wood photo. My dad is a wood carver and he’ll love it!

  4. Oh, I just love this collection of ideas for Christmas gifts for parents! They are so thoughtful – and perfect for people who say, “Oh, I don’t need anything”!

  5. I love the wood photo idea! Thank you for this helpful list of Christmas Gifts for Parents–I never know what to get them! LOL!

  6. It can really be hard to find just the right Christmas Gifts for Parents–this list helps immensely!

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