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I can remember a few months ago when I felt like I was waking up with a sore back every morning.  We had the same bedtime routine that we’ve always had, but the back pain seemed to be getting worse.  I looked into the which sleep position is best for your health & found out that I could change a few things… including looking for a new mattress.  

I’m happy to be teaming up with Agility Bed to share today’s post. Their hybrid mattress has made a difference in the way that my husband and I sleep, so I am hopeful that today’s information will  help you find the best mattress & sleep position for your health.

When you are young and healthy, your sleep position really doesn’t seem to matter (or maybe it’s just that you don’t notice when you are a child).  Our kids can be sleeping on their backs, sides, or even with their arms hanging off of the bed, and they wake up feeling the same.   

As you get older, it seems to make much more of a positive or negative impact on your physical health.  If I sleep in a funny position, I’m sore for the entire day.  Why is that?  Does the position really make a difference?  Today, we are digging into that question.

Does Your Sleeping Position REALLY Matter? 

Yes, it can.  Turns out that the way you sleep impacts your lungs, circulation, back, neck, and even your brain, among other things.   

What is the Most Common Way to Sleep? 

The most common way to sleep is side-sleeping, in the fetal position.   More than 4 out of ten people sleep this way, and more than twice as many women as men sleep curled up on their side. 

Which position is best for your health?

As it turns out, sleeping on your side, the most common position (side-sleeping, in the fetal position), is the best sleep position for your health! 

This is a great position for sleep because it can help ward off conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s since it allows your brain to do a better job at clearing waste that can lead to neurological diseases.

It’s also great because it lets your spine rest in its natural position, and it improves circulation. (2)

Does Your Mattress Matter  as Much as the Position? 

I can tell you, from personal experience, that your mattress matters.  What about the position? Yes, your sleeping position has a lot to do with it, too, but once you’ve been sleeping in the same position for so many years- it’s a hard habit to change.  

Luckily, getting a new mattress is an easy change.  

There are many mattress companies that suggest using a specific mattress based on your sleep patterns, but since Mickey and I sleep different ways, we had to find one that worked for both of us.  We went with  the  Agility® hybrid mattress by Therapedic, which is made in the USA.  

Therapedic spent a long time creating the perfect mattress, making sure that every layer in the bed serves its specific purpose.  The layers of latex and memory foam, with micro-coils in the middle, are made of the highest quality materials. The high-quality materials have created the most comfortable mattress that has been engineered to Therapedic’s unique specification.  

Can You Rid Yourself of Pain without Changing Positions?

Yes- and no… it depends on what you ARE willing to change.  For us, the mattress made the difference.   Ever since I had our children, I was used to sleeping a certain way. 

When I was pregnant with our first son in 2005, I started sleeping on my side and eventually it became a side/stomach sleeping position – one that led to a lot of backaches until recently.  

Since switching to the Agility hybrid mattress and the temperature-regulating pillows), the back pain is gone.  Thank goodness I didn’t  have to start sleeping on my back because I think that would be pretty hard after 15+ years of sleeping on my side & stomach.  

We picked this mattress because we trusted the Therapedic brand, and the Agility hybrid mattress, was shipped to us directly, in a box.  We didn’t have to go to a store to try it out- we tried it out at home and kept it.  Agility offers a 100-night guarantee, so you can try the Agility® bed at home with their 100-night free trial.   If you don’t love it, they will give you a refund.

No matter how you sleep, if you can sleep all night long, without tossing & turning, you’ll feel better in the morning: restored, rested, and rejuvenated.  

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