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I love decorating our kid’s bedrooms and I love bedrooms that look like playrooms, because the kids love spending time in that sort of space.  I have found a surefire way to keep them cleaned (the kids are great at cleaning up with this rule in place), so now I feel like I could decorate how ever I want and it will stay neat, for the most part.

bedrooms that look like playrooms

The bedrooms that I am looking at all allow for great toy-storage ideas.

1- This first bedroom, found on Flickr, is beautiful!  I love the ideas of putting the bunk beds in the wall like that.  I watched my dad and my husband build a closet where there was nothing (they put up a wall, etc…) so I think building a wall around bunk-beds would be relatively easy.)


2. This next bedroom would be such a beautiful nursery.   It reminds me of the nursery on Father of the Bride II.  (I love those movies!)

3. If your child is old enough to play with magnets, I love the idea of having a giant magnet board in their bedroom (you can check it out on Joanna’s home Tour).  This would be really fun for a Kindergartener working on new sight words, too!

4. The idea of putting a swing into a bedroom or playroom is really fun!  (You will want to supervise them when they are using it).

5.  This idea from would be perfect for our son’s bedroom!  We currently have all of his cars in a shoebox (like this one) but this would be really fun because he loves to organize them!
ps- this 20 pack of cars would be a great start!  (those are affiliate links)

6. I love the idea from House of Turquoise of having their bed raised and in a little “house”.  I think that this would be so much fun for any child!   Plus, this really doubles the space because now you can have a book area or drawing area right under the bed.

7. I love HGTV’s lego wall in a bedroom idea.  It could not be more fun!   You could even do this on a small wall or a space beside their toy box.   I just love the idea of getting create whenever you want!

Bedroom wall with Legos attached to the

8. This is a great idea, too, from HGTV.   Building a dresser under a bed.   I really love the look of it, too (it looks like a Princess’s bed to me!) 
A little girl\'s bedroom decorated with pink  accents.

9. This idea from Dollar Store Mom was just too easy not to share.  Turn a garbage can into a storage spot.  Just use a little chalk-board paint and label it.  Hang it on the wall!
82599d5116fe106850d1dfd70250c712From Dollar Store Mom.    You could get this one, too.   I love how its for mounting.

10. Use wood crates to make your own bookshelf like Crazy Little Projects.  This is perfect for a reading area in a child’s room.  Easy enough and cheap enough- just paint them and screw them together!   You can get three right here on Amazon.

I hope that you liked those!   I had fun putting them on here for you!   Here are a few more posts that you might find helpful:

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  1. I want to be a kid again! These bedrooms are awesome! If I make one like this for my kids I believe that i will stay to play there! Lovely designed! Great post!