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Since sharing our DIY plans for Murphy beds, we have had many questions about these beds. It is no secret that we love Murphy beds. With the growing interest in wall beds, we wanted to share five reasons why we love the beds.

It allows for more space.

This may seem like the obvious answer but it really is a big reason why we love Murphy beds. Anyone who has kids knows how sacred the space you have is. By using your wall space instead of floor space you are able to clear up room for something else.

It can be put anywhere.

Many people love having these in guest bedrooms that double as an office. The option to put a Murphy bed anywhere allows for there to be flexibility. You could even have one in a playroom or have your kids’ beds be Murphy beds.

You can make it yourself.

As we shared with our bed plans, it is easy to make a Murphy bed in one day!  Grab our DIY bed plans here to help you get started on building your own Murphy bed.

It can have multiple purposes.

There are some Murphy beds where you can have a desk on the one side of it. This would be perfect to have in a kid’s room as during the day they will have a space to do homework.

It provides a solution.

A common problem for families is there is just not enough space for everything. Many families would love to have a playroom but their space does not allow it. However, by having a Murphy bed, you will be able to have the playroom and bedroom. The same solution goes for if you need an office and a guest room.

Are you ready to try a Murphy bed? If you have one, we would love to hear how it helps you save space!

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