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I am excited to share these 5 quick workout for parents today!  It will help you to burn calories in those little moments that you catch during the day!   Thanks to Sam’s Club for the great recommendations & for partnering with me for today’s post.

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I love to go to the gym, when I am alone.  It is harder to go with kids.  Why?

Only because it takes me twice as long to get there (make that 3 times a long) when I take our kids.   I’m sure you know the drill…  pack snacks, get shoes on, get them buckled up, get unbuckled because one forgot to go to the bathroom or needs a drink…   get them to the gym, check them in, run back to the car for the forgotten diaper bag, go back in to drop it off (sneaking in so that the kids don’t see you),  work-out, do the whole first part again, in reverse order (including forgetting the diaper bag, but this time you have left it inside and have to take all of the kids back in to get it.)

It doesn’t take much to see why it is hard work to get the the gym.   (Yes, I said “get to the gym”, not “work-out”) haha!  So, today I am going to share 5 quick workouts for parents or anyone… just ideas to give you a great workout at home.  I was an aerobic and kickboxing instructor and I have always enjoyed working out, even if it is at home.   Plus, it’s tough to keep your New Year’s resolutions, so these will help you!  We are working hard on ours & trying to stick to our vision board (you can see it here).  My main tip that we have figured out is that you need to find a time and make that time your daily time to work out.   Make it a routine & a habit.  It takes a month to make a habit & we are almost there!

I have started working out at home a few days a week (I go to Burn Bootcamp the other days, which I love) but sometimes I just can’t get there.   Mickey and I went to Sam’s Club earlier in the year and got a HealthRider H82E Elliptical, ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill, Fitbit Charge HR so we were ready to go!    (Sam’s Club has a lot of products you didn’t even know you could get there to help with your resolutions & it is all available online) We also picked up Men & Women’s Centrum Silver to keep up our energy.

OK- now that you are ready to go, lets get moving:

Every day try to do 20 minutes on your elliptical or treadmill.   Twenty minutes will make a huge difference, I promise.


1- Run up your stairs.
Seriously…  and start running!   Run up the steps.  I go up and down our steps at least 20 times a day.   Run them- just give your body that little burst that it needs!!

2- Set the timer and clean!
I like to do this with our kids anyways (it drives my husband crazy!)
Set the timer for 10 minutes and challenge yourself and your family to clean up.   We do this at night after dinner (but its more like 7 minutes).   We see how much we can do in the kitchen.  If we finish before the timer goes off, the kids get 5 more minutes of play-time before bed (I do this because they could easily just be in slow-motion with cleaning if there isn’t an incentive!)   Cleaning is a great way to burn calories and clean your house.  (here is a list of daily and weekly chores)

3-  Play cards.
Get out a deck of playing cards.   Grab 5 of them and have your spouse grab 5, too.  Each person lays down one card & you do a workout for that number.

Day 1- Pushups & Sit-ups.
If you get a 3 of hearts, you do 3 pushups.
Next card- 5 of clubs, you do 5 sit ups.
Next card- push-ups again
Next TWO cards- sit ups or crunches.

On the second day, switch it up to tricep dips and  push-ups using a coffee table and lunges instead of crunches/sit-ups.

Day 3- Leg lifts & wall squats…

4- Piggy-back rides.
Offer your kids piggy-back rides.  This is a work-out in itself!   Carry you kids up the stairs.  You could even walk around the house downstairs, while you let your kids each ‘ride’ on your legs.   Let them sit on your foot, wrap their arms and legs around your legs and you walk while they get a free ride.  Or you can let them lay on their bellies and grab your ankle with their hands.  Pull them around the house.

5- Jumping Jacks.  

Do jumping jacks for 30 seconds.  Take a 20 second break and do them again. Do this 3 times every night.  On the next night, try to increase your time a bit and go even faster (quick jumping).


Are you ready for a post-workout snack?  Try EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control Read-to-Drink Shake – I like Chocolate Fudge or try my high-protein muffins or high-protein smoothie.    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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