Potty training at night


If you are just visiting this post, read about how I trained our three boys to use the potty in three days (all before their second birthdays).  Read it HERE.  Or move onto how to potty train at night below.

I just wrote a new book, Potty Train in a Weekend, and I wanted to share a little bit from the book… I hope that it helps you. If it does, consider buying the book to get all of the details and break-downs. It is 71 pages packed-full of potty-training information! :) (Oh- and in the confirmation e-mail, look for your promo codes to get free products, like an udder cover, infant/toddler sling, carseat canopy, nursing pillow…)


So- night training SNEAK PEEK:

Potty training at night

First, just know that some kids are not capable of this until they are older.  Our first son was trained to pee at night at one.  Our second son is four and still has accidents at night.  I will tell you HOW to train them, but as our Doctor has told us, if their body is not physically ready to wake them at night or to hold the urge to urinate for 12 hours, there is nothing that you can do about it.

Are they ready?   Do they wake up with a dry or almost dry diaper?

  • To train our kids at night, I put their training potty in their room, on a few towels.  I put them in a diaper, turned out the lights and we practiced several times going to the potty.
  • When they turned three, I stopped this and taught them to use the bathroom instead.  (Put a gate on the steps to be sure that they don’t fall down on accident when walking to the bathroom.)  If you are looking for some tips on KEEPING THEM DRY- check them out in my book.  I have a chapter on night-training and I will tell you how we accomplished this with 2 of our 3 potty trained kids.
  • Stop drinks a few hours before bed.  If our kids are thirsty, they can have milk.  I have found that drinking water causes accidents, if it is close to bedtime.  Milk doesn’t seem to do that.
  • Caffeine affects our children with potty training, as well.  Cut it out while training.


I’m sure you have some awesome advice, so leave it in the comments to help other parents reading this post!  (Or leave it on our Facebook page, where we are discussing it)

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~Becky Mansfield

I hope this sneak peek was able to help you, from my ebook Potty Train in a Weekend. It is full of so much advice from me (broken down into more details) and  even advice from other Moms.  It is 70 pages of everything you need to know to potty train in three days.   Check it out here: Potty Train in a Weekend.

Potty Train in a weekend

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  1. says

    Today my baby girl turns 16 months! I taught her sign language and a week ago she started signing potty and touching her diaper every time she went. I’m soooo excited and happy I found your post on Pinterest because I know she’s going to get it really fast. Thank you. 😀

  2. says

    Becky! You and I have the same philosophy on potty training! I’m amazed since almost NO ONE I know trains early. Everywhere I go with Reeve in undies (and me carrying his potty) I get looks like I have 3 heads. I think some people are thinking it’s a bad thing from the looks on their faces… ugh, do you get that? The nursery lady at church nearly rolled her eyes at me when I showed up with Reeve in undies…. Anyway, great blog! Night time potty training I don’t even touch. Whenever they wake up for a whole week with dry diapers- at whatever age, that’s when they transition to undies at night. Silas was 18 months when he daytime trained and 30 months for night time. Cannon was 18 months daytime and nearly 4 (this week!) before he trained at night. We’ll see with Reeve. He is doing really great during the day, but still needs to be watched. I need to teach him that sign for ‘potty’. His speech development is not nearly as advanced as the other kids at his age. I just wanted to say I concur with all your tips and advice!! I did the same exact thing. My boys still love being naked around the house! :)

    • says

      I know- people are shocked that our kids are trained early (but look at other countries, you know?).
      Nighttime- Jack was trained SO early at night (before 2) and Beau still soaks through a diaper at night. He just cannot wake up for it.
      Ethan is dry every morning but I haven’t lost the diaper, just in case. :)

  3. Jolene Aubin says

    I have a 23 month old daughter she has been pooping on the potty since she was 12 months old. Through the day potty training is going great she goes on the potty when she needs to and completely dry at naps. We have been training a week now. So far 2 nights she wakes in the morning dry. Should she be ready for toddler bed so she can go if she needs to?

      • Jolene Aubin says

        Ok thanks glad I finally got a real answer from someone. I keep getting nasty remarks from people that you can’t night rain this early. I believe you can. Thank you again

        • says

          I think that you can, too. I think that it depends on the child, but if your child is dry, that’s great. Our oldest son was dry from very early on at night, so we trained him at night very early (before he was two) and he has been dry every since. Another one of our sons has never had a dry night and we did the same thing with him, but his body just isn’t ready. I think that if your child is dry, that’s great!

  4. Kathy says

    Hi my daughter is 6yr old and wets the bed daily. We had her in night diapers but we decided it would be best to wake her up at night to pee. Me and my husband take turns I do it around 1am and he does it before he leaves for work about 5am. If we don’t wake her up she will wet the bed. It’s frustrating because sometimes I can’t rest thinking that she will wet the bed if I don’t get up on time. Is there any advice you can give me I am desperate. We have stopped liquids at 5-6pm her bedtime is 8pm and we usually have her sit in the toilet 2 times before. The doctor has told us this is normal and not to stress but it has been so hard. She is 6 and wakes up with a pull up full of Urine daily!! Which has caused her nasty rashes so We now do the bed pads so if we don’t get her up she will wake up soaked and the smell and having to wash everything and sanitize daily is really wearing me out!!!! Any advice will help.

  5. Ruby says

    Omg! Like Kathy above, I too have a 6yr old (son) who has NEVER had a dry night. Literally have tried everything! Tried waking him, like Kathy is, but he’d already be wet sometimes after 2hrs of being in bed. It was wrecking his sleep & our & didn’t help. Had our dr test him for any abnormality but to no avail. Said we’d have to go to a pediatric urologist?! He’s simply still in pull us :( now we have a just turned 2yr old son & I don’t even want to try. It seems like what’s the point. Your tips are helpful tho so I’m feeling more optimistic! Thanks!

  6. Marina says

    Milk doesn’t make children want to pee, because up to a certain age, it is still food, not a drink for them. Well, I assume that’s the reason.

  7. Teya Ries says

    My son is 6 and does that same thing. Every single morning he is soaked through his pull up! Doesnt seem to matter how early we stop liquids or if we wake him up! Frustrated. …

  8. Martha says

    oh my. So nice to hear other Mothers going through the bed wetting issue. My son will be turning 5 in January and is a big boy. He is in overnights because he out grew the diapers and pull ups can’t seem to hold all his pee at night. It sure is a lot of laundry I go through. Our pediatrician says it’s not something they worry about until the kids are older than 7 years old. Ugh. I pray we don’t have to wait that long. It’s not the idea that the laundry is a lot it’s just an expensive chore. I’ve tried to wake him and walk him into the bathroom but he stands and can’t produce anything. Then between 1am and 6am it happends. He now refuses by saying he doesn’t want to go potty before bed. He used to just say I don’t have to pee. His additute has turned to the worse and I am loosing my mind trying everything from money, to m&ms during breakfast, to just plain praying. Nothing has been working. Any advice and or help would be great! Thank you.

  9. Malky says

    Hi :)
    I absolutely love all of your material, you are amaizing!
    About the stopping drinking before bed time-
    My 2.5 year old always alwAys askes for whater while she’s having her dinner (this is good because she doesn’t really agree to drink whater in the day unless she’s eating)
    also, after I put her in bed – she will at least twice ask for a drink of whater again before agreeing to go to sleep…
    How do I get around this?
    Just offer her milk all the time instead?

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