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Teaching a child to wipe themselves can be a hard thing to teach.  It can be hard for children to understand (and hard for them to do it and stay clean!)  However… spring is here and it is time for new things… either training your kids or teaching them to wipe, so today I am bringing you some great advice on how to do this and get the best results.


This is a question that I get at least ONCE a WEEK  (usually it comes in the form of an e-mail!)  After writing my book, Potty Train in a Weekend, I realized that I would get a lot of questions, but this one is probably on the top of the list.  The age that I would suggest would be around 3 1/2 to 4 years of age.  Remember that I potty trained each of our kids before they were 24 months, so they have had some time to learn how it all works.   I think that they were all three before they wiped themselves.


  • Talk about WHY we wipe and what happens if we don’t do a good job (hurting, itching, redness)
  • Get the toilet paper that you need.

Are THEY ready?

  •  Can they wash their hands without being reminded? (I’m always there to do it with them because I want them to do a good job, but would they REMEMBER if I was not there?)
  •  Are they going to preschool?  If yes… TEACH THEM.  The teachers “don’t mind”, I know, but as a former teacher myself, I certainly would rather a child wipe himself at three or four years of age that need me to do it for them.  Our youngest son had just turned when I taught him, knowing that he was going to be away from me several times a week (Sunday School & at the gym).

What you need to teach them: 

    •  I teach them to wipe front to back to avoid any urinary tract infections, if possible.
    • I teach them to avoid getting anything on their hands.
    • I teach them to WASH THEIR HANDS WELL afterward! (this coloring book has hand-washing pictures and stories for your child… and it is free today!

  • Don’t use the same piece of toilet paper to wipe a second time or they will just smear things around (I know… but it is the truth).
  • I teach them how much toilet paper to use with this tip from The Virtuous Housewife:778781_559916620699954_675071257_o
    For more potty training info, check out my book: POTTY TRAIN IN A WEEKEND… 
    potty train in a weekend

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. I was unable to enter the contest as I am not on fb. How do we enter otherwise?? Also, I am a 56 year old grandma soccer mom. Lol. My grandson has been potty trained since 3 but will not wipe himself. He says it’s disgusting which I agree however necessary for life!! He is 5 and we are still having these issues but encourage him to do it himself. He is in last year of preschool. He actually holds it til he can get home because he doesn’t want to “poop” at school. Sorry but true. So praying he takes hold of this soon and gets over his feeling disgusting stage. Oh boys!

  2. This article came into my suggested Pinterest feed as a mom of 3. I had to laugh, because I was the person who bedazzled that bear…one painstaking rhinestone at a time!