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Two years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My mother’s diagnosis was a moment in that prompted us to start a more natural lifestyle, using more natural products, like Tom’s of Maine, #1 natural deodorant brand with a number of award-winning products among its deodorant portfolio.  I didn’t want to let our kids use products that had chemicals in it, so we switched to aim for chemical-free products, like Tom’s of Maine.  Today I am working with Tom’s of Maine for this sponsored post to talk about why we switched.

 A variety of Tom\'s deodorants lined up on a counter.

Half of the chemicals that are in that are in these products we are using on your body every day, are ones that we cannot even pronounce.  The worst part is that so many chemicals are harmful to us, but we don’t even realize it.  Half of the food that we are eating is detrimental to us, and we don’t pay much attention to that, either.   The difference for me came when I had kids… I want them to be as healthy and safe as possible.

Now that our sons are old enough to wear deodorant, I am aware of what they are putting on their bodies.  I always choose Tom’s of Maine for them because I want them to be as safe as possible.  It has no aluminum, parabens or artificial preservatives and it offers 24-hour protection.  It has ingredients derived entirely from nature along with hops to help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.  Plus, the package is fully recyclable.

A hand holding a container of Tom\'s deodorant.

I have two favorites: Wild Lavender that I use in the evening, after my bath:
A hand holding a container of Tom\'s deodorant.

And Tea Tree that I use in the morning after my shower:

A container of Tom\'s deodorant standing beside a clock on the counter.
So, our family has started using Tom’s of Maine because I want to keep them as healthy as can be… for as long as they’ll let me.  Things change when you become a parent, don’t they?  What was once OK now becomes unsure.
Today it’s deodorant.
Tomorrow it’s curfew!  😉


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