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Oh sweet Allie B… she is forever a princess in our eyes.  Yesterday, Allie put on her favorite princess dress and danced around like the Princess that she is… but I wondered: does she REALLY know what it means to be a princess?   I have partnered with Dynacraft for today’s post to talk about What it really means to be a Princess.

A still shot of a video of a little girl dressed as a princess.
Allie’s answer to “What does it mean to be a Princess?”  Click here to watch. 

So, I asked her…  “Allie, What makes a princess?” and her answers were perfectly wonderful.
A princess is  “Nice, Special, Brave”, she said.    Yes, yes & yes, Allie.  That’s exactly right.  Remember those characteristics as you grow.

Allie has such a love of princesses.  She loves to dress up like them and play pretend.  She loves to act out her favorite princess scenes.  I even love watching the princess movies with her and taking her to Disney to see the princesses in real life.   There is just something so special about it.

My daughter loves Cinderella.  She told me this morning that “Cinderella is my favorite.  It’s Gi’s favorite, too” (her grandma).   I think that we all love Cinderella because she is the true fairytale… her kindness is what helped her to become a true princess.

So how do I teach Allie what it means to truly be a princess?

No, it’s isn’t about her fancy dress or her glass slippers.  It isn’t about her fairy Godmother or her sparkling tiara.  It is about being the best that you can be… being a role model to others… being the best version of you.

Being a princess is about being YOU.

A little girl dressed as a princess standing by a child\'s carriage theme ride on toy.

Each of the princesses possess something that makes them stand out, but makes them special.

Cinderella:  Kind, hard-working, grateful (even when most would not be grateful)
Belle: Marches to the beat of her own drum, stands up for what she believes in, sees past appearances, loves to read.
Rapunzel: Brave and adventurous
Anna: Putting other’s feelings above her own
Elsa: Sacrificing for family, keeping family close
Ariel: Knowing what she wants out of life, taking chances

They all carry something special.  They are all different and unique and special.

In order to be sure that Allie understands this, we talk about it.  Not once, not twice, but often.  When we read her Princess books at night, we talk  about them.  When she drives her Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage around, I point it out to her…

A close up of little girl with a crown on her head driving a pink carriage ride on toy.

The best way to teach her to be a princess?  Be one yourself.   Be a leader and a role model.  Be a teacher and a parent that shows them what a true princess really is all about.

This week, I am working with Dynacraft to talk about What makes a princess.   I love working with them because they are showing us that being a princess is all about our qualities.  They are even giving away a Disney Princess Carriage ($398 value!)  You can enter to win from April 24- May 7th  by creating your own 15 second video answering “What does it mean to be a princess?”  and submitting it here.

A still shot of a video of a little girl smiling at the camera.
Here is Allie in her 24V Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage.  She LOVES it.  I might even say she’s obsessed. lol.
Once a pumpkin, this elegant coach is ready to whisk your little princess off to the ball or to her next big adventure. The beautiful pink carriage is thoughtfully designed with graphics of her favorite Disney Princesses, gold accents, working doors and ornate interior details.” 

A little girl riding in a pink carriage child\'s ride on toy.

But she isn’t the only one… It is big enough to carry a friend (or a brother).  All 3 of her brothers “help her” by driving this little princess around and letting her drive them around.    She loves every second of it.

A little girl riding in a pink carriage child\'s ride on toy with a boy driving it.
It has a detachable “wear and share” tiara, heart-shaped steering wheel and luxurious curtains. She loves the magical light-up wand and enchanting fairy tale sounds.  Now our little princess can ride wherever her biggest dreams take her!

I’d love to see one of my readers win this carriage and LOVE it the way that Allie has loved it.  She uses it every day, the minute that we get home from Preschool.   She takes her baby dolls for rides and acts out her favorite princess scenes… to be the wonderful princess that she is, our sweet Allie B.


Shine on, Allie… you are already a princess to us. 

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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