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Do you ever notice that your kitchen towels and washcloths smell awful (like mildew) when you use them, even just once?   It is one of my biggest pet peeves… well, it was… 

TIP 1- I have a suggestion for you that can solve this problem... try Clorox MyUltimateCare Bleach ( available at Target ).  Seriously.  I found that our towels smelled awful when I didn’t use it.  It was actually my husband that suggested it and it was a great suggestion!  I was just using my laundry detergent, but it just didn’t cut it.

TIP 2-  I only buy white washcloths and towels, because they can be washed with bleach… I do a load of whites about every other day.  I personally LOVE the smell of bleach, so I can’t imagine not using it.  It reminds me of being at the indoor swimming pool on Hilton Head Island, visiting my grandparents when I was little.

TIP 3- Don’t let the towels sit (in a wet pile) before washing them.  I am guilty of this.  I will use them (we use several every day) and then I will throw them into the right half of the sink, until I take them up to laundry room them at night.  They smell terrible!  (again… Clorox MyUltimateCare Bleach to the rescue!) haha!)

A close up of a towels with text in front of them.

TIP 4- This tip comes from my husband:  Wash your kitchen towels seperate from their undershirts.   I don’t really get it, to be honest, but he tells me over and over how it is just so much better to keep them seperate.  He swears up and down that they last longer, feel better and look nicer when I was them seperate, so I will (more out of love than out of belief… haha!)

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