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Mickey and I travel a lot during the holidays, so I wanted to share some travel tips that we use & things that we sometimes forget to pack.  Here are 10 things that you don’t want to forget… they are all last-minute items (those things that we are using until it is time to go).  This post brought to you by Tom’s of Maine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Your Modern Family.

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1- Their special blanket. Your child’s beloved “Blankey”. Oh boy- we did this one time and betime was anything but easy!

2- Tom’s of Maine. We stopped at Target to grab this for our kids because it is only available at Target and we love this brand. (be sure to check for the cartwheel offer)  I always pick up the Wicked Cool! Deodorant.  It is their 1st natural deodorant made just for boys and girls.   It gives them 24-hour odor protection, but it is free of aluminum and artificial fragrances, which I want for the kids.   I picked up North Woods (Their first natural antiperspirant made for men) for Mickey, too.

tom's wicked cool

It was actually perfect timing, because we went to Target on Earth day and when we saw Tom’s of Maine (part of the Made to Matter collection), it was an easy way to talk to the kids about how we take care of the earth by using natural things in our house, and we take care of our bodies by putting natural things (like deodorant) on our bodies.

3- Flip Flops or Sandals. Yes, we have forgotten our flip-flops for our beach trip. My husband had to wear tennis shoes to the beach once… and that was all that it took (one time) for him to run to the closest store & pick up a pair of cheap flip-flops for the remainder of the trip. Remember to bring flip-flops for your kids, too! 

4- Floaties for the kids (or puddle jumpers). This is something that we have forgotten more than once. The kids need these at the ocean, but because they are in the garage, we forget them.

5-Tweezers.  Splinters happen, even on vacation. It also happens that I always notice that our kids nails need cut when we are away.

6- Batteries.  Grab a little pack of AA and a little pack of AAA and take them with you. When we travel, we take our kid’s Leapsters and DVD players… someone’s always dies on the trip.

7- Travel Potty.  This one is a no-brainer, but make sure that you put it back into the car. You don’t want to have to get off of the exit, find a restaurant, etc… if you can avoid it.

8- Conditioner For some reason, I seem to leave my conditioner at home… a lot.  Oh- and Luminous White  Toothpaste  (advanced natural whitening toothpaste that is safe for enamel, and is gluten and paraben free – perfect for our whole family)

9- Camera. I like my phone, but I LOVE my camera and I love the way that our beach pictures turn out. My phone just doesn’t cut it.

10- Any medicine that you would need.  Our nephew is allergic to Peanut Butter and my sister in law is always worried that she will forget his Epi-Pen. This goes for any medicine, especially if it is a prescription that you aren’t used to taking or one that you keep up high, away from the kids.

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