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I am so excited to partner with Georgia-Pacific to share my favorite decorating tip with you… about color (and a great coupon!)

Our home is very ‘nautical’.  I have a room that is completely white… white couch, white love seat, white ottoman, while furniture.   This picture doesn’t even do it justice… its just so ‘calming’ in real life.
white room
It is very beachy, because is it offset with a seagrass rug, a large print of the ocean,  a large sailboat that sits on our coffee table…  it is beautiful.
white room 002
 (ps- did I mention that I have these four kiddos at home?  I threw that in there just to throw you for a loop, because no one can believe that I would have a white room with kids, but it works out great!) 

You see, when I first started decorating, I learned one important rule from a friend/interior designer:
 Pick a color and carry it throughout your house.   Keep it neutral and use a second color as an accent.  Use a third color as another smaller accent.   I heard that the rule was 70/20/10.  I try to do that… 70% white, 20% neutral tans 10% blue

Would it come as any surprise that I would keep that up in the kitchen?
The cabinets are wooden, so the walls are white and I use blue paper towels.   Yes, blue paper towels.  They sort of follow my guideline, because they are just a hint of color.   Sparkle® just launched the new “Sparkle® towels with a hint of color.”   I’ve always used Sparkle® towels, simply because they are made and priced to offer the right mix of performance and value to consumers.


I love them even more because these towels are the answer for those for who think white towels are a little too plain, but prints don’t always match the décor.  This is me!

I think that white towels look like they belong in an office, but the print paper towels drive me a little bit crazy.  They never match the theme that or look that I am going for!
So, these have one color across a subtle pattern and it means that they deliver just the right amount of color to add that stylish touch.

Color really changes the way that you feel, too.
(image source) 

This week, I received a beautiful package in the mail…
A wrapped gift with text on the top.
Inside was a roll of the new paper towels and a beautiful white light that changes color (the light bulb is color changing and you control it with your phone!)  How awesome is that?!

Well, of course I loved the light AND the paper towels.. and so I had to find a coupon for you so that you could enjoy them as much as I am loving them!

If you love saving money like I do, you can print off this coupon
sparkle coupon

I hope that you loved these tips as much as I loved giving them out!  (Oh- and the coupon, of course!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Georgia-Pacific.

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