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It is the time of year to get to work on the yard.   This year, we found a few new tools & tips that we wanted to share with you.  Our kids LOVE to play in the yard, so we want it to be nice and well cared for…

10 tips for the best yard in the neighborhood!

1- Many people will even have trouble starting up their trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws if they’ve left gas in their tanks over the winter months.  We switched to TRUFUEL to avoid those problems.   It saves our outdoor power equipment from the problems caused by ethanol.  Plus- it is convenient (no more running to the gas station to fuel our equipment.) 

2-  First, you are going to Aerate, but before you do this, you need to locate your sprinkler heads and mark them with yard flags (or use plastic hangers to mark them).

3- Aerate your yard in mid-September.   He suggests core or plug aerating.  He doesn’t like the pull-behind ones but said that you have more control with the walk-behind.    He also said that you need to do a double pass (doing each area twice), but he does three or four passes in areas that need it more.    He will go horizontal and then does the second round vertical (to your yard pattern).

4- Over-seed.  Use a good starter fertilizer.   By over-seed, he means that you put a LOT of seed down, even more in the areas that you did your extra aerating.

5-  With your starter fertilizer, you will want to go over and add fast-acting lime on top of the fertilizer (on the same night).

6- It is best to do all of this either right after it has rained, when the ground is soft.

7- In the winter, you want to put down a winterizer, to help control the weed growth that will occur in the spring.

8- Keep your grass tall, about 2-3 inches.  This prevents it from burning (looking white) and it keeps the roots healthy.   Cutting it too short will kill the roots and allow weeds to grow.

9- In the spring, you will want to use pre-emergent fertilizers, with herbicide.  This will prevent weeds.

10- Go over the pre-emergent fertilizer with lime.

I hope that helped!  Happy Spring! 

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