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How many times do you find yourself not actually sitting during a meal?   We are doing so many other things and running around getting things that I feel like I spend 1/2 of the meal standing.   When I found this image of Things mom has to do before she eats from Nickmom, it was too good not to share!   It gave me a laugh… that’s for sure!  Can you relate?

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    Things Mom has to be do before she eats:

  • Prepare the meal
  • Deny children snacks for the full half-hour before food is on the table.
  • Call children to dinner.
  • Call spouse to dinner.
  • Watch as only 1/3 of the kids show up.
  • Feed 1/3 of the children.
  • Search for the last kid.
  • Pour milk for children.
  • Whoops, they wanted juice.
  • Whoops, they spilled juice.
  • Get the salt for someone.
  • Get napkins for someone else.
  • Sit down to eat.
  • NOPE. Stand up to get a drink.
  • While you’re up, get bread for someone.
  • Sit down to eat.
  • NOPE. Get the butter to go with the bread.
  • Deny requests to be excused.
  • Sit down to eat.
  • NOPE. Go back to get a fork.
  • Sit down to eat.
  • Count to 10 to be safe.
  • Eat*

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  1. I just told my kids last night, “Please eat slower so I can actually sit down and eat with you!” lol Because every night I think I get up about 7 times to get water, a napkin, another server, etc that by the time I sit down to eat, it’s time to wash their hands :/

  2. “Sit down and eat your dinner.”
    “Har?… I don’t like —”
    “You eat what is served.”
    “I need water.”
    “You can get it yourself.”

    Haha… Of course, it gets a little easier when there are fewer and older dependents.