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When the kids wake us up to tell us that the tooth fairy forgot to come last night – we need to be quick on our feet to think of a reason why. Our tooth fairy usually comes and leaves a cute little note that smells like perfume and has fancy handwriting,  but sometimes she just forgets!  I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised- during December, our Elf on the Shelf forgot to move all the time!

tooth fairy forgot to come

The night before the Tooth Fairy comes, we sit down and read one of these three Tooth Fairy books:
 The Night Before the Tooth Fairy  or  Loose Tooth (easy reader – they can read to me) or Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy.

Then we put the tooth in their Tooth Fairy Pillow (yes, we have to do this because more than once, the tooth has been lost and the Tooth Fairy just had the hardest time finding it!)

Sometimes she even forgets to come all together.   On those nights, we have to remember these 25 things…

1- He was in a meeting with the Easter Bunny and their meeting went over.

2- It was raining where she was and she couldn’t see in the rain.

3- Her wing was hit by a raindrop and she had to go home to let it dry.

4- She got lost on her way.

5- Her tooth fairy bag was too full of teeth and she had to go home to empty it.

6- Her money fell out and dropped into a lake and she couldn’t get it.

7- She ran out of ‘fairy dust’ and couldn’t fly.

8- She saw a squirrel that was stuck in a tree and needed to help him.

9-  She heard you waking up and had to leave before you saw her.

10- The dog/cat saw her so she had to leave until the next night.

11- I found the pancake mix out and someone spilled syrup (I already cleaned it up).   If fairies get syrup on their wings, they can’t fly well so they have to call their friends to come and get them.  She probably had to leave to wash her wings.

tooth fairy 4

12- Santa needed her help with one of his Elves (he bit a carrot too hard and hurt his tooth!)

13- You woke up too early.   If you come out of bed before 7:00 and the tooth fairy doesn’t usually come until really early in the morning.

14- I found the thermometer out, so that explains it.  She must have been feeling sick and gone home so she wouldn’t spread her germs.

15- She forgot her note.

16- She may have heard me walking around and decided she would try again another night.   That explains the sparkles that I saw in the hallway when I got up last night.

17- I thought that I saw her in our bedroom last night, instead of yours.  I bet she was confused.  Let’s make her a sign tonight that leads her to your room.

tooth fairy 3

18- Oh!  Last night was the night that the movie “Tooth Fairies Forever” was on TV, so she probably took a night off to hang out with her friends.

19- She tried to use a drone to fly over & drop the dollar, but it didn’t work.

20- She tried to convince the stork to switch jobs with her for the night, but he wouldn’t.

21- She broke her magnifying glass (the one that she uses to search for teeth).

22- She asked her brother to do it, but he forgot.

23- Her mom made her stay home to clean her room.

tooth fairy 224- She ran into another tooth fairy on her way and they decided to go out for ice cream.  They got so many sprinkles that they had tummy aches and had to go home for the night until they felt better.

25- She texted us to tell us that she was running a day late and would be coming sometime today.




Elf on the shelf forgot to move

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  1. Great thank you,
    My tooth fairy Star did not come last night
    Thank you for all the help were tring
    Again tonight

    Love Jess

    1. To the tooth fairy

      I lost my tooth 3 days ago and you haven’t came please come tonig.

      Sincerely Jaicee

      1. Please come now I’m worried about you please come 😘 can l see you and can l wake up and see you

    2. I lost my tooth down the dran at my nonnas house and I asked for 25 $ becase I realy want a orange watch if u are reading this put money or a watch there at the farmacey I live in pific hights mailbox number 8 setu drive please come at day

    3. I have to teeth under my pillow still to this day and one has been there for over 2 weeks! And the other one has been there for 4 days I’m like what the heck is going on

  2. To the tooth fairy

    I lost my tooth 3 days ago and you haven’t came please come tonight

    Sincerely Jaicee

  3. Dear tooth fairy, if you’re reading this, I woke up too early this morning and you were still busy. Tonight I am staying at my dads house. I will put my tooth under my pillow at my dad’s house.

  4. I heard the tooth fairy takes Friday and Saturday off because kids usually stay up later and she has less time to do her job. Everyone deserves a weekend.

      1. When I woke up I looked at the security camera and saw Sophia woke up at night time I don’t know what time though she was trying to find water and the fairy skipped our house because she was awake then I didn’t get anything from the fairy but the next morning I got something so yay!!!!

  5. The tooth fairy couldn’t make it to our house once because it was snowing outside. As we all know from tinkerbell’s movies a fairy’s wings can’t get too cold or they will be damaged. She came a night soon after when it was a bit warmer outside.
    She also skipped our house because the kids were up till almost 10pm and she couldn’t be seen! And the monitor camera in the bedroom was aimed at the bed so she was camera shy.

  6. I have had my tooth under my pillow for a month now, I starting to question if the “tooth fairy”
    Is real.its prolly just parents.