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Picture this:  a kitchen that is cleaned top to bottom, ready for company.   The floors are shining, the table is set for dinner,  the Christmas lights on the tree are turned on, the holiday music is playing on the radio….  you walk over to the refrigerator to get a drink and what do you see?   Smudges.   (Little handprints are cute on the refigerator when they are on the kid’s ART WORK, not when they are left directly on the refrigerator!)

No matter how clean my kitchen is, our stainless steel always has smudges or streaks on it.   I can clean it with a cleaner, but the streakiness seems to stay and within an hour, it looks messy again anyways.   I know that I can’t have a perfectly clean house with six of us living here (and all of them being seven or younger), but I can have it clean for an hour, can’t I?   (Don’t answer that! haha!) 

Keeping a house clean is especially hard during the holidays, but I just love this time of year!  I love seeing our kids enjoying themselves and get so excited to see our family!  (Our son just asked me tonight: “Can Uncle Tim track Santa again this year?   Remember last year when we watched Santa on the map and we knew where he was?  Remember, Mom?  At dinner last year?”    I love that they have special memories of Christmas, but watching their Mom frantically clean is NOT one of them!  I heard a story once about my friend that didn’t like Christmas because she remembers her Mom just being very frazzled and stressed the whole time.    I don’t want that, so I try to keep things as easy as I can (“Enter… Steel Meister.”)

best way to clean stainless steel

During the holidays in our house, we always have company.  We always have family visiting and I want the house to stay clean for their visit (no one wants to come to a messy house).  My husband’s family comes down to stay for a few days, my parents come over, my brother and his family visit, my aunt, uncle & counsin drive down… plus, I usually have a small Christmas party for several of our friends.    Trying to keep our appliances clean has always been hard work… and no one wants a stressed out hostess (one that is thinking about how clean her kitchen looks!)

I have FINALLY found something that works!   Its called Steel Meister. You can buy it at Home Depot in the appliance section. The best way to describe it is that it cleans your appliances and keeps them clean, sort of like waxing a car.  (Even the directions tell you to apply it like you apply wax to a car.)  Plus, you can use it just about anywhere: on copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances, outdoor grills, automotive trim or bathroom fixtures. 

Here is a before & after of our microwave: 

Two views of a microwave, one dirty and one clean.

  • See more Before & Afters on my CLEANING- BEFORE & AFTER PINTERST BOARD

Now that I’ve used it, I won’t go back to using anything else.  I tried to use chemical free cleaners, but I felt like I was cleaning over and over because it just didn’t last.    I made my own little test.  I cleaned our kitchen refrigerator wtih Steel Meister and I cleaned our dishwasher with our old cleaner and the Steel Meister lasted DAYS longer.  I have had to re-clean our dishwasher three times so far, because it lacks the protective coating (and they both get the same amount of use, I’d say.) 


Oh- my TIP: use a microfiber rag or an old burp rags to clean it.    (& lay a towel on the floor before you spray it because it can make your floors slippery if you don’t do this)A person cleaning the front of a refrigerator.

PS- My husband used it on our kitchen sink, too and he said “Wow!  This stuff definitly makes the kitchen sink shine!”   (I’m not even kidding that as I sit here writing this post, he is cleaning everything.  He just walked into our guest bathroom and started cleaning the fixtures.  He’s hooked! haha!   Hey- I like this… he cleans while I write?  A girl could get used to this!) 

 I wanted to include the reviews of Steel Meister for you, before you decide to buy it: Here they are: Steel Meister reviews
When you buy it, remember that you have to get it at The Home Depot in the appliance section.

You can also follow them here: 

make your stainless shine

Want to try Steel Meister for yourself?! I have 10 bottles to give away! And 1 lucky person will also win $100 from Home Depot! Just leave a comment on this blog post stating why you want to try Steel Meister and what you’re most excited to clean.  The winner will be selected at random, using rafflecopter.I, personally, think that the hardest thing for me to keep clean is the refrigerator, because we use it so much!  What would you say is the hardest to keep clean in YOUR house?   Which one do you think you would be most excited to use Steel Meister on?   I’m curious!

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  1. I want to try it because I have not found a cleaner for my stainless appliances. I’m most excited to try it on my stainless steel double door fridge, nothing I have found has worked.

  2. Have several small appliances that no matter how much I wipe them, they never shine like they should.

    1. I was the same way. I like this. It is sort of like a wax, so it keeps it shining more than anything else that I’ve found. 🙂

  3. Keeping stainless appliances shine and clean is hard with kids around, I would like to try it for cleaning our fridge and oven.

    1. Agreed! We have 4 little ones & I feel like I am always cleaning – this sort of adds a protection, I found, so I wasn’t cleaning as much (yay!!!) 🙂

  4. That looks pretty cool. I always had trouble keeping the stainless steel clean at my old house especially with a little one!

  5. I only have one stainless steel appliance and I would love to have a cleaner that worked! This sounds like a great product!

  6. i want to try it so I can try to clean the sink in the garage that I just can’t get looking good.

  7. We have a stainless steal microwave, and it looks so great when it shines! The trouble is getting it to shine, lol. We need one of those!

  8. My fridge doors for sure! And a husband on board…even better 😉

  9. We have five kids – oh the fingerprints. They make me crazy!

    I can’t wait to use it on ALL of the appliances.

  10. I would clean tons of things in my kitchen especially, but most of all I’d like to use it on my sink to make it look better.

  11. Actually I hate fingerprint on home appliances or stainless steel utensils as fingerprint free, clean and shiny stainless steel utensils or appliances increase the value of our home. I would love to try this.