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I’ve been known to be more of a ‘care-free’ person… a person who loves to uplift others and go with the flow. I try to focus on the positive and on my goals instead of being pulled down by negativity. I’ve been this way for a long time and I want our kids to be this way.

As my grandma would remind me: it’s just more fun to be nice & happy!

A group of people that are standing in the grass holding hands.

ith this being said, I have told our kids that they can pick to be one of two ways:

1- A worrier, a fretter, a serious person. The kind of person who sees a problem & lets it take over.
2- A happy-go-lucky person. The kind who of person who take lemons & makes lemonade.
I remind them that every day they will make a choice of how they want to see things:

  • Glass half full or glass half empty.
  • Enjoying life or worrying their way through it.
  • Being happy, living life & taking adventures or just trying to “make it through the day”

I try to remind them to try to go with the HAPPY choice. 🙂 Throw worry to the wind & just smile! Imagine all that your life can be & then just LIVE it.

A girl posing in front of a window leaning on a rocking chair.

Having a great sense of imagination is a part of that… Today, in honor of Radio Flyer’s 100th anniversary, I’m partnering with them to share their first ever kids travel agency for the 100 Days of Summer.

At Radio Flyer Adventure Travel, children are introducted to wonderful destinations that they can only go with their imagination… and their Radio Flyer, of course! When Antonio Pasin started Radios Flyer in 1917, his dream was to “bring joy to every boy and every girl” … my dream is to bring joy to my three boys & one girl… with their help- we’re making it happen! 🙂

Every day, we are faced with reality: bills that must be paid, yards that must be cut, dinners that must be made. Every day we are also give them gift of another day: laughs that can be shared, toys that can be played with, adventures that we can go on. Why not do them all?

I want our kids to know that yes, we do those things that need to be done and we are responsible about them, but we do them so that we can really get to the living. We do them so we can really enjoy our lives.

To show them just what I meant, we were taking an Imagination Vacation. We did it last week and the kids had so much fun! I wanted to make it extra special, so with Radio Flyer’s help, we created a scooter for Allie. It was her first one. The boys already have scooters, so we just wanted to get her one that was perfect for her!

So, we went onto the Radio Flyer website & built a custom scooter. Radio Flyer is committed to great design and innovation, which is how they have stayed relevant for 100 years. Plus, we love their products! We have several. Radio Flyer is the world’s leading builder of wagons, tricycles, pre-school scooters and other ride-ons.

It turned out to be SO cute!

Picture of a purple scooter.
Beau picked to make it purple for her:
A close up of a purple Radio Flyer  scooter.

Ethan picked the option to have the wheels light up when you drive it:
A close up of a purple Radio Flyer scooter.

Jack picked to have it say Allie Beth:
Close up of a purple Radio Flyer scooter.

I picked the streamers, the bell & little case in the front (to carry her babies!)

Hands on the handle bar of a purple Radio Flyer scooter.

So… we were off on our Imagination Vacation! We gave her the scooter and then we spent the day exploring.

A little girl that is standing on a Radio Flyer scooter.
It was fun because we didn’t even leave our house. This was going to be a lesson about making the most of what you have.

When I was a senior in highschool, the quote that I put in the yearbook was “Happiness isn’t about getting what you want… it’s wanting what you’ve got.” I was going to show our kids that this was true. Dream big and love every minute of it! Reach for the stars so you can be happy when you land on the moon. 😉

We used the cute little postcards that Radio Flyer sent us from their Travel Agency. Radio Flyer has been powering play and inspiring imagination in kids of all ages for 100 years.

The kids got really into our adventure.

We rode to our first stop at The Valley of Ogres who are Friendly & also have Pets.

The back of a post card with a child\'s name written on it.

At each stop, Allie had to fill out her name and put her postcard in our mailbox. Then, we each had to talk about what we did there.

t sounded something like this:

Me: When I went to pick up a rock, I realized that it wasn’t just a rock, it was actually a rock that turned into fairy dust when you threw it. I threw it on the driveway and a magic scooter appeared. I jumped on!

Jack: When I got on, it started to fly. When the wheels lit up, it meant that it was going to take off. I flew right over the Ogres.

Beau: Then I landed on their house and they came out of the chimney to find me. They took me inside and made me dinner. Instead of eating regular dinner, they only ate cake and ice cream.

Ethan: Then they told me I could go swimming. I found the pool and it was chocolate sauce and everyone had straws. We drank it until we couldn’t drink anymore.
Allie: Then I got on my scooter and went to find [cousin] Lia and we went to the ocean to find star fish!

The thing is, with kids, you can build their imagination, creativity and mind just by talking to them. When I was a teacher, we played that game every day at the end of the day. I would start a story and we would go around the room while everyone added to it.

For this story, we kept it going at each “destination” along the way. We even used our Monster repellent (bug spray) and Dragon repellent (sun screen) to make it more fun.
A person holding a spray bottle of Rabid Monster Repellent.

However you inspire your kids to dream big, to take chances, to imagine & go on their own adventures, remember that they are looking up to you. They are watching you to see how you handle life… so get out there and play with them today! Make the most of the day!

Let your kids see you smiling & enjoying spending time with them and playing with them. 🙂

A woman and a little boy standing in a grassy field in front of a barn.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. I totally need that outlook on life! Sometimes, even as an adult, its hard to remember that you have a choice to be happy. You focus so much on what needs to be done that you forget you’re supposed to be having fun. This is such an important lesson to teach kids!

    P.S. That scooter with light up wheels is AH-mazing!!