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I am excited to share some great Summer Food hacks!  I love to find different ways to make our summer days fun, relaxing, special and memorable. Here are some summer hacks that are pure genius, and honestly I wish, I knew about these years ago!


  1. Add fruits to your ice cubes

You can use pretty much any fruit you have on hand and you’ll transform a ‘boring’ drink to a pretty and summery drink that will even give you a vitamin C boost along the way. I’ve tried mangoes, strawberries, grapes and blueberries (and they were all so yummy!). ¬† Just freeze them in¬†adorable ice cube trays.
Here’s an awesome tip: If you want the ice to be crystal clear and the fruit to stand out, you simply boil the water and let it cool off before you add the fruits. You then place it in the freezer for few hours.

See details at oh my-creative

  1. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

This idea to freeze Aloe Vera Gel is perfect for those days you would just do anything to soothes a burning skin. I like to make them ahead in adorable ice cube trays and store them in a freezer ziploc bag – Just in case. This way, they are always handy for my family and ready to be used after a long day at the sun.
2Find directions at all womens talk


  1. Add a cupcake over your drinks to keep the bugs away

That’s right, use cupcakes to keeps bugs out of your drink. So cool! This is not only practical, but it is also cute, and pretty exotic looking. ¬†(You can find the gray & white polka dot ones here)

Found at Glamumous


  1. Nutella and chocolate milk (or make it for adults with baileys) 

These are absolutely irresistible and yummy! They are also quick to make and require 2 ingredients – Nutella and Baileys.
You can also make an easy kid version with Nutella and milk. Please – just don’t mix them up.
4Find the recipe at WikiHow


  1. Use a cupcake wrapper under your popsicle

As popsicles start to melt, they quickly start to drip all over your kids hands. With this awesome trick, the drip falls directly in the cupcake wrapper! Making it easy to enjoy the popsicle without the mess. How brilliant!
5Source: Trusper

  1. How to Make a DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies are abundant in summer, especially if you leave fruits outside of your fridge. They are difficult to get rid of as they reproduce quickly and their tiny size makes it hard to catch them. You can use this method, or even this one using wine and dish soap to eliminate fruit flies from your kitchen!


  1. Watermelon Cocktail Keg

I seriously came across the coolest cocktail dispenser for our summer barbecues! The watermelon cocktail keg is eye catchy, fun and super practical. I am sure it will be a big hit at any parties or barbecues this summer. My family can’t wait to try it out!


   8.  How to peel a mango in seconds

As you might of notice, mangoes are in season right now, which makes them super juicy and full of flavor! I thought it would be a good timing to share this cool and easy way to peel your mango.  Since mangoes are in season, I lined up some of the best mangoes recipes I found online. #5 is one of our favorites!    peel-mango-glassGet the details at a baker house


  1. Bailey marshmallow shots

Who said marshmallow was only good around a fire? Look at these adorable treats made right over the gas burner in the kitchen! ¬†These are¬†Marshmallow and baileys. Wow! ¬†These are not only unique and really cool, they are also delicious and easy to make! I love the combination of the two. ¬†You can make a kid-friendly version with some chocolate milk.¬†If¬†you’re more in the mood for oreo cookies, you will certainly LOVE the¬†oreo cookie shots.¬† ¬†They are adorable.


Find the recipe at the Watering mouth



  1. DIY ice cream cake in 5 minutes

Now, how cool is this? You can build your own ice cream cake in less than 5 minutes by layering ice cream sandwiches? ¬†It’s one of the easiest cake to make, but will look like it took you a while to put together. A sure hit this summer. ¬†(Be sure to cover it with icing, cool whip, ice cream or some other wonder ingredient!

Recipe at IsaveA2Z


  1. 4th of July strawberry

This one is simply adorable and easy to put together. If you are a white chocolate lover like I am, you will absolutely love these! They are also perfect for a quick, but memorable 4th of July desert idea.
Recipe found at the sisters cafe


How about you~ What is your favorite summer hack?



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Although being a mom is amazing, it’s not easy. With that in mind, Luisa created Cool Busy Moms to reunite a community of all busy moms so that together we can live a more balanced and happy life.  She shares awesome hacks (like these ice cream hacks)


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