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Cheering from the Sidelines: Sports Bag Essentials

Baseball and tennis and lacrosse, oh my!  Springtime is finally here, which means sunny days, playing outside and sports… lots and lot of sports. Here are 5 sports bag essentials that I keep with me at all practices & games:

1). Scavenger Hunt Sheets (I print off extra ones for any kids that our kids are playing with on the field). A white sheet of paper with text on it.2. Sunscreen spray: I go for NEUTROGENA® Cool Dry Sport SPF 70 FULLREACH™ Spray.  I can’t tell you how many times I walked away from a day on the sidelines to find myself with sunburns before I started carrying sunscreen with me.

3. A Shaded Tent.   Last year, at our son’s lacrosse game, one of the parents brought a pop-open tent. It was PERFECT for their daughter! I knew that I would need one for ourselves because our kids get so hot (and bored) after a long Saturday-afternoon tournament.

4. Folding chairs with umbrellas.  You can pick up an umbrella that attaches to any folding chair for about $5 at your local sporting goods store. This is a must-have for adults.  It can be hard to focus on the game, while you have the heat of the sun on your back all day.

5. Scooters.  The great thing about scooters is that you can just toss them in your car easily.  Kids can grab them out & ride around the perimeter of the field during practice.  Most fields have sidewalks, so it works almost anywhere (just caution your kids about riding where other people are walking, so they don’t get in anyone’s way).

Check out more ideas of how to keep the whole family happy at sports games on my post over at HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®. 

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