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song-stuck-in-my-head1So throughout the day, I will say something to my kids & it will remind me of a song. I will have that song stuck in my head (and sing it) until I say the next thing that reminds me of a song.

Example: We stopped by my brother’s house today and I told our two year old that he needed to “Knock three times”  on the door and the song popped into my head … “Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. Twice on the pipes…”

There was recently a study in a magazine that said that 9 out of 10 people have a song stuck in their heads at all times. They said that they needed to try to get another song in their heads to get the old one out.

Does this happen to you? Here are a few of the ones that I am singing CONSTANTLY. I am going to write what I say and you see what song pops into your head. (My songs will be at the bottom).

Ready?  (Write down or remember your answers)

Here are a few things that I will say to the kids that will spark the memory of a song… which will then be stuck in my head.

1- “Don’t cry for me.”
2- “Stop what you’re doing!”
3- Hello? (when the kids aren’t listening)
4- Big boys don’t cry
5- Stop!
6- Come on
7- Jesus love you
8- Get the sugar
9- I lost my keys!
10- We’re late!

Here are the lyrics from where the song came from. 🙂 Did you get them right??

1- Don’t cry for me, Argentina
2- Stop what you’re doing, cause I’m about to ruin, the rhythm & the dance that you’re used to.
3- Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?
4- Big girls don’t cry.
5- Stop in the name of love.
6- Come on over, come on over baby.
7- Jesus loves me, this I know… for the Bible tells me so.
8- Sugar…. Oh, Honey Honey. You are my candy girl and you got me wanting you.
9- I lost my keys…. in the great unknown. And call me, please, cuz’ I can’t find my phone.
10- Not a song, but from Alice in Wonderland: “We’re late. We’re late for a very important date!”

Are you looking for some more fun?

You might also like to join me in our 40 DAYS TO HOME ORGANIZATION! “Clean Up, Clean Up… everybody, everywhere.”  (and here we go again!)
song-stuck-in-my-head1 SO what song is stuck in your head today?  (comment below or tell me on facebook)


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