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I think that I can tell you, with confidence, that at least 10 times this week, while we have been out (running errands, at the park, driving back from school pick-up), at least one child has said these words: “Mom? ¬†I’m SO hungry.” ¬†So, I keep snacks with me when we are heading out or when we’re on the go.¬†¬†Today I am partnering with¬†Fiber One‚ĄĘ¬†to share a look into¬†some of those snack ideas.¬†

This is why I bring snacks on the go… everywhere that I go. ūüėȬ†

Here are 10 Snacks that we have found to be perfect for your purse.

A variety of flavors of granola bars with a text in the middle.

1. ¬†Water¬†– Water is a perfect drink for keeping in your purse. ¬†Just grab a bottle before you leave the house. ¬†I actually prefer it to be room-temperature, so it doesn’t bother me at all if it isn’t right out of the refrigerator.

2 Fiber One Bars
We all¬†love these bars with ¬† They are new…¬†¬†and the kids and I eat them every day. ¬†Did you know that to get the health benefits of fiber, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that Americans get more in their diet? ¬†For adults, that means getting between 25 and 34 grams of fiber depending on age, gender and calorie needs. Most of us only average about 15! ¬† So… I’ll just take a box of this when I am leaving the house…. that way we can each have one when we’re out running around and I won’t have to stop at a drive-through for an unhealthy snack.
Plus, they are great to take to a park, too… which I do often!
Remember, fiber can help keep you regular, but most people don’t get enough of it. Learn about the types of fiber, where Fiber One‚ĄĘ fiber comes from, plus some fiber tips here at Fiber One‚ĄĘ.

A person holding a box of Fiber One bars.
Beau has one every single morning before school (usually the Caramel), which is so helpful because before I found these, it was like pulling teeth to get him to eat breakfast.

 A variety of granola bars.
(These Fiber One bars are new… we love the Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Layered Chewy Bars, and the Double Chocolate Almond Layered Chewy Bars.

I keep them in my purse, too, because the boys will all ask for one at some point during the day (I can almost count on it).     Treats are made to be enjoyed, not regretted.   They have 28% daily value of fiber, 7 grams of fiber per serving, 140 calories per serving.

3.  Trail Mix РMake your own trail mix with nuts, dried fruit & maybe a few chocolate chips. 

4.  Popcorn РI like to pop a quick batch of microwaveable popcorn and divide it into individual portions.  The crunch of the popcorn is a nice substitute for potato chips.

5.  Dried Fruit РRaisins, apricots and banana chips are some of our favorites. You can just put them into little snack baggies and keep them in your purse.  I love to have individual things like this, so I can just toss a bag to each kiddo.

6. ¬†Homemade Granola¬†– Granola is a nice sweet treat. ¬†When you make your own you can customize to your family’s taste. ¬†Are you starting to see how eating real food can make everyone happy? ¬†My kids seem to love to eat with their hands so car trips are loads of fun for them. ¬†They don’t have to hear, “Use your fork!” through the entire meal.

7.¬†Clementines¬†– Clementines travel very nicely. ¬†They come in their own wrappers and fit easily into a purse or bag until you are ready for them. ¬†I try to keep them at the top of my bag, but they hold up pretty well and don’t bruise if they get shoved down to the bottom of my bag. ¬†

8. ¬†Whole Grain Crackers¬†– ¬†¬†Another perfect snack. ¬†Now, I’m going to warn you that these get messy in the car, so this is a snack that I would pull out when we are at the park or outside somewhere. ¬†

9.  Carrots РOur kids love when I bring carrots with us.   These are perfect for a snack at the park.  I pack them into individual portions.  They travel pretty well without refrigeration, too.  (For our 3 year old, I slice them VERY thin and she loves them.) 

10. ¬†Cereal-¬†I will toss¬†a little bag of cereal in my purse. ¬†I just fill a little snack bag with it and usually Allie will eat it on our way to preschool, since she doesn’t eat too much before we leave.

Ps- be warned…¬†the bars are so good. ¬†Remember how I posted about the things in my purse? ¬† This was one of them: hahaha!

An open package of a Fiber One granola bar.

Find out more about the Fiber One bars  on instagram, twitter, facebook and pinterest.   You can pick them up at most grocery stores.  Fiber One Layered Chewy Bars are the perfect, stress-free indulgence

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Thank you for the post. We are a family on the go and my kids are always asking for food. You’ve provided some simple and easy options. Much appreciated!!