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Pudding jello cakeMy husband’s Grandmother is a great baker!  (He actually has the best of both worlds because his one Grandma is a fantastic cook and the other is a fantastic baker!  Lucky for me, we were high-school sweethearts, so I have been enjoying their food for about twenty years myself!)

This recipe comes from his Grandma.  I love when she makes it and I love to make it myself.  The kids enjoy it, too, but I have to admit that there usually isn’t much left after I’ve been “snacking” on it here & there for a day!  (A bite here… A bite there…  You know that doesn’t actually count as a “snack” if you don’t sit down to have it.  Hey- maybe the calories don’t count, either!)

Pudding Jello Cake (known as “Pudding Pop Cake” in our house)

Bake a yellow cake, according to the directions on the box (or you can make one ‘home-made’)
While it is baking, make jello (sugar free works, too!) – ONLY USE 1 CUP OF HOT WATER AND 1/2 CUP OF COLD WATER OR POP/SODA when making the jello!  Do not use the measurements on the box.

Refrigerate the jello  (In your organized refrigerator!) while the cake is baking.  (This will only be for about 20 minutes, I’d say- don’t let it become “jello-like”)

When the cake is done, poke holes in the cake (I use a meat thermometer to do this because it makes the perfect size holes, but anything would work). pudding cake 2

NEXT- Pour the jello mix over it – it will get into the holes & make this cake moist & delicious!
pudding cake 3

For the icing, use regular pudding (I like vanilla)- make it according to the directions on the box and spread it all over the top of the cake.
On top of the pudding, add cool whip (fat free or regular)!

This is SO good!  I like to keep mine really cold (store it in the refrigerator)- its like eating cake & ice cream, but even better.

Pudding jello cake

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  1. Oh yum this looks so refreshing and delish! Thanks for sharing!