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Preschool activities with clothes pins

preschool activities with clothespins

Here are a few ideas for your preschool or elementary aged- child.

1). Decide what you want to do. I am teaching our preschooler his numbers, so on the front, I have a piece of paper that has dots. Five dots will correspond with the clothes pin that has the numeral 5 on it.

2). On the back, I will write the number words out. He will have to match the clothing pin that has the numeral 5 to the number word. clothes pins 2

3). To challenge him, I will have him roll dice. He can either use one to match the number by placing the die on top of the card, or he can use two to add the numbers together and find the clothing pin with that number. When he finds it, he will then pin it to the paper. (With our Kindergartener, I have him roll three or four dice together & add them & write out the equation).


Ex: If he rolls a 2 and a 3, he will add them together (I would write this out on a sheet of paper) 2 + 3 = 5. Next, he will find the clothing pin with the numeral 5 on it and then put it where it goes on the paper on top of the number word FIVE.

clothespin activiites 002


Teach NAMES:

I also use the cothespins for teaching the spelling of first & last names: I just write out their names on a strip of paper & have them match it to the clothespin that has that letter on it.
I then have them write their name out on the writing strip (for our kids that can write). You can do first & last names, or anything that you want them to learn.

box 002


For storage, I put them in baggies together: example- If I have numbers 1-5 on one strip of paper, I will put that strip of paper in a baggie with clothespins #1-5.

IF I have their names: ETHAN on a strip of paper, I will put that in a baggie with the clothespins that have the letters E T H A N

box 006

I put the baggies into one box.

box 008

box 001 Our box stays in my pantry on my craft shelf (I will go into this when I talk about organizing our kitchen).

clothespin activiites 001

I put our writing strip back with the marker- both in the same area so we will have easy access in the future.

clothespin activiites 006


This is an easy activity that is fun, helps with their fine motor skills, teaches spelling, math, higher-level thinking & much more!

It was very cheap to make (just use paper, laminating sheet & clothes pins- bought at Ikea).
I keep ours stored in a plastic “shoe box” with a lid.

BONUS: When you need clothespins to make a giant “fort” in their room, you have them on hand! 😉

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