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Fred Rogers once said that “Play is the work of childhood” and I couldn’t agree more. Unstructured play gives kids the chance to explore the world around them, combat their perception of boredom, and find ways to entertain themselves.  That’s why I’m excited to work with Spin Master as our sponsor for this post today and supplying us with a product – they know how important play is to our children.  As a play therapist and former teacher, I know the huge value of play.   We encourage unstructured play by keeping toys, random craft supplies and books around that can allow our kids to use their imaginations.

I honestly feel like so many kids today, including my own,  are overscheduled and overstressed.  They have so much being planned and prepared for them that they lose the time & ability entertain themselves.  Unstructured play forces them to get back to being kids.  It makes them think of things to do on their own.    

Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.”   The games and toys that we give our children can help them to learn.   Take the new Paw Patrol toy: My Size Lookout Tower Playset.   It is a great way to teach our kids to use their imaginations and to learn about cause & effect (When I do this, the elevator goes up.  When I do this, the elevator goes down.)

Watch, in this video, how our kids are engaged, figuring out just how it works…

Our house is like our own Adventure Bay.   Our kids love to watch Paw Patrol, and they love to pretend to rescue others with ‘no problem too big’ as their motto.   

In fact, they love Paw Patrol so much that they might even want to have it close all night long…

A little girl sleeping in bed holding a Paw Patrol toy.

So, when I surprised the kids with this new PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset: they were beyond excited!

A little girl sitting in front of a Paw Patrol box.
Allie was the first to see it.    She asked me if she got it because she was learning to read the Paw Patrol book. 🙂  

A little girl sitting on the floor looking at a Paw Patrol toy.

Mickey “helped” her put it together.   

A man and a little girl building a Paw Patrol Tower together.

When we let the kids play with it, they loved it!  They used the elevator, the periscope. It stands at over 2 ½ feet tall,  which makes the PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset the perfect size for their imagination.     

A little girl and a boy playing with a Paw Patrol Tower together.
Ethan loved the working elevator and the backpack storage unit.  Allie loved the lights and sounds.  They both used the functioning periscope and the spiral slide.  The slide even has a flipping mechanism and a rotating base with a vehicle launcher (which they used to recreate scenes from the show!)  However, I think their favorite part was pushing the icons on the interactive pup pad to hear each pup weigh in with their signature phrase. When Chase is on the case, he goes speeding down the tower’s slide and is then shot into the air and into his police truck with the flip feature at the end of the slide.   Then you just turn the turntable at the bottom to point him in the direction of trouble and launch him on his way.

A little girl and boy playing with a Paw Patrol toy.
It comes with one exclusive Chase vehicle, one Chase figure, 2 Chase pup packs, 1 Marshall figure and 2 Marshall pup packs.   I love it because the kids have everything that they need to act out any of their favorite Paw Patrol Rescue scenes (or to invent their own!)  

A little boy and girl playing together with a Paw Patrol Tower.

To purchase the PAW Patrol My Size Lookout Tower Playset, visit:

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