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A man taking a picture with his camera with the sun setting behind him and text above him.

Since starting a blog, I have had to learn a lot about taking pictures.   I knew that I needed a great camera (that was a no-brainer) I went with the LUMIX 4K Cameras.   We decided on the Panasonic LUMIX G7.  My favorite feature of this camera is that with the 4K photo mode, you can take a 4K video and pull still photos out of that video to ensure that you always get the perfect photo!  I love that feature & use it constantly, because four active kids make it hard to grab a still photo on my own.  (I never miss the perfect photo anymore)

Oh!  It also has the panoramic camera where I can scan a whole room & it shows up as one picture.  I love it.  (I wish I had that when we were selling our house- it would make it easy to get one room in the same shot!)

So, here are 6 photo tips that I have learned (these are all taken with the Panasonic LUMIX G7 camera):

1. Sometimes the best pictures of people don’t have any faces at all… A close up of a little girl in ballet slippers standing on her dad\'s feet in his tennis shoes.

2-  Let your pictures guide you… if you can find a path that leads to your focal point, use it to your advantage. A view of a pathway to the beach.

3. Find the unexpected moments and capture them. A little girl in a swim suit leaning against a tree.

4. Use the rule of thirds.   Have your subject in 1/3 of your photo…
A dog sitting on top of a grass covered field.

5. Try to get in the shadow or take photos on an overcast day.
A little boy  lying down in the grass with a dog lying next to him.

6- If they are in the sun, get the shadows on your side.  It can be hard to look past shadows on someone’s face, but it is easy to avoid with a simple reposition.
A little boy playing with a dog in the grass.

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