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When it comes to Christmas gifts, the best ones are the ones that are personalized, aren’t they?

This year I wanted to share my top ten personalized Christmas gifts for kids.  I am adding a TON of pictures for you, so just click on any picture to be taken to the place where I found the product.
I do not make money on the sales of any product, I just want you to be in on the great deals & adorable gifts that I am finding for our own kids!
UPDATE:  Since writing this post, the company that is mentioned in it, FFMODERN, contacted me to offer my reader 10% off on everything, site wide, with the code YMF10  (until Nov. 22).   Yay!!! 


1- Something that I LOVE are personalized toy boxes.
I buy toy boxes as gifts a lot because they are personal and perfect.
Think about it: custom for your child, looks wonderful and it gives them the tools to clean their room.   In my book, this is a win.   I love toy boxes.  I have four in our house (I know- a little excessive, but it really does keep the room looking clean and they are very nice ones, so I feel like they add a little something to the room, as far as decorating goes.).
I actually even decoupaged handwritten letters onto a toy box like this one for our nephew for Christmas. ¬†I asked for hand-written letters from his grandparents, cousins, etc… ¬†(I didn’t cover his name, of course!)

I love this one because it is classic:  (Oh!  These are on sale right now, too!!) 

UPDATE: AFTER WRITING THIS, THIS COMPANY CONTACTED ME & OFFERED OUR READERS 10% OFF-   The discount code is :   YMF10   and it expires on 11/22.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.34.13 PM

personalized toy boxes for Christmas

I have even found fold-up toy boxes that I use in our house because after I go through toys (consignment times) and empty them, I can store them.   When Christmas rolls around, they will fill back up quickly enough, so these ones are great!

UPDATE: AFTER WRITING THIS, THIS COMPANY, FFMODERN, CONTACTED ME & OFFERED OUR READERS 10% OFF-   The discount code is :   YMF10   and it expires on 11/22.
Here is an example: 
foldable toy boxes (personalized) Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.41.51 PM

2– Toy caddies
This year, our son has asked Santa for a workbench and tools.   I LOVE this!   How adorable is it?    I am using this so that he looks just like Daddy with his tools!

UPDATE: AFTER WRITING THIS, THIS COMPANY, FFMODERN, CONTACTED ME & OFFERED OUR READERS 10% OFF-   The discount code is :   YMF10   and it expires on 11/22.

(This is almost 1/2 off right now, too, even before the 10% off.)
portable tool box for little boys - so cute!!!


3- Book Shelves/ book caddies
I love to get our kids books for Christmas and I love to give books as gifts for other children, as well. ¬† One of the things that I like to have in our kid’s rooms is a little bookshelf that can sit near their beds. ¬† I found this one and wanted to share it with you. ¬† (I found these at ¬†FFMODERN¬†– they have¬†so many cute designs- but I wanted to share my favorite ones) ¬†These are on sale & a really great price! ¬† TAKE 10% OFF WITH THE CODE YMF10
Personalized book container.

personalized book caddie for child's room (Christmas gift!) on sale


4- Lockers:
OK- these are, by far, my favorite thing!
I love these!   Look at how cute and practical!  (they come in white, pink, green, light blue & dark blue)
Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 10.53.09 PMA personalized book shelf with sports equipment next to it.



5:  Clocks
I love personalized clocks in a child’s room because they can look up and see their name and favorite scene anytime that they want! ¬†(This company has them in everything you could imagine! ¬†Horses, sports, flowers, princesses, dinosaurs…)
personalized clocks for kids rooms



6. Trophy/Belt Holders:
Our kids love to display their trophies, so when I saw this, I had to share it!   Here is the link.   Take 10% with promo code YMF10 until Nov. 22nd.

display your child's trophies

7- Growth Charts
I have made my own growth charts & I’ve bought growth charts. ¬†You really can’t go wrong with one because the kids love them and so do their parents!
This one is so cute!  Our little guys love to see how tall they are every day!   I love this one. 
personalized growth chart


8- Personalized bookmarks
These bookmarks are perfect! ¬†Our kids are starting to read more now that they are getting older and they love to use bookmarks! ¬†We put a bookmark in their bible every night and in our chapter book every night. ¬†I am not exaggerating that they will not let me put a book down without a bookmark in it because we “cannot lose our place.” ¬† These are cute and perfect stocking stuffers!
For a great gift idea, I would get a good book and pair it with a set of these bookmarks (they come with two in a set).

personalized bookmark - great gift idea to pair with a new book!


9- Play kitchen
Saving the best for last Рthis kitchen set is $100 off and it is SO ADORABLE!    It comes with both of these things for under $200.  It is really sturdy & so cute!  (and personalized!)   I am only adding a couple of pictures, but they have stainless steel kitchens, white ones, primary colored ones, navy blue (so so cute for boys!!) and so many more!  You can see them all HERE. 
personalized wooden kitchen for $180!  Comes with refrigerator and kitchen

personalized christmas gifts for kids

10- Kitchen accessories
To go with my #9, I had to add these TOO CUTE FOR WORDS accessories!  They have wooden mixers, toasters, food, pots & pans, and even this little chef jacket
personalized chef jacket SO CUTE!!  (comes in pink & blue too)


Ok- I have just shared my top 10 favorite personalized items for children for Christmas! ¬†I hope that you loved seeing them as much as I loved sharing them. ūüôā
If you want more personalized items, I can’t go on enough about how cute & well priced everything is at FFMODERN. ¬† I’m sure you will find something for everyone there.
Our little guys love their products & so do I, so I had to share them with you before you started your Christmas shopping!

A personalized locker with text above it.

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  1. Thank you for posting these. I have been trying to think of a good gift for my nephew and this would be perfect. I like the kitchen for our daughter, too! Those are hard to come by at such a low price. Sharing this page!