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I wanted to share my latest Emeals recipe for a Paleo meal.  I was recently introduced to Paleo meals when I was looking up meatless recipe ideas for Lent.  The paleo diet is pretty much a caveman diet.   (If you can’t hunt it or pick it, you can pretty much count it out.  Nothing processed, etc…)   I am not on the Paleo diet, but some of these recipes look delicious!

Here is the recipe for Basil & Lime paleo shrimp recipe with coconut milk (I love basil & lime together!  Plus, we love coconut milk, so this was a great meal choice!) paleo shrimp recipe
This recipe is from Emeals.  (e-meals is a service that I am subscribed to, where they send me 7 meals every week, complete with directions and ingredients as part of a shopping list.

I switch my meal plan often, but my favorites so far have been low-calorie and slow-cooker.  This is my first week trying the Paleo diet recipes.  I am trying to slowly try each category that emeals offers.

BASIL & LIME SHRIMP with Coconut milk :

1 lime
2 T coconut oil
1 onion (minced)
4 cloves garlic (minced)
2 lb. large shrimp (peel & devein it)
2 T. coconut milk
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper
2 T chopped basil (fresh)

Grind the rind from lime and put that into a bowl and set it aside.   Cut the lime in half & squeeze the juice into a separate bowl.  Melt the oil in a skillet over med. heat.  Add the onion & garlic.  Cook this for 8 minutes – continue to str it!
Add shrimp and sauté this for two minutes.
Add lime rind, lime juice, salt, pepper, coconut milk.
Cook 2 minutes (the shrimp turns pink at around 2 minutes)
Take it off of the heat and add the basil.

That’s it!  The suggested side for this meal is zucchini cauli-rice (you can see the recipe here, in the screenshot of the recipe from emeal.  This is what I get to my e-mail each week, but I get 7 of these recipes in one email, plus a grocery list for the store that I picked.)

paleo shrimp recipe - basil & lime

That’s it!   If you want more recipe ideas, you can find them all here in my recipe section.

Here is one more Paleo idea:

paleo meal


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