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I’m partnering with Magnum today for this sponsored post

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Quit trying to “do it all”.   It can’t be done, at least not happily.   We can’t volunteer all day long at our kids schools and still work, get the house cleaned, make dinner, run errands, etc… but when we pick & choose and only say yes to the things that matter, it makes a difference.    I heard a quote once that said ‘If you are debating saying yes, you should say no.‘  and it is because of this… if you can’t do it well right now, just wait to do it.

There are moments in life when it all feels so overwhelming.   Maybe this just isn’t your week.  Maybe your phone broke or your house feels messy.  Maybe you are late to turn something in or your missed an appointment.  I get it.   I can name 10 things like this in my life on a daily basis! :). We all can.  We are a busy group of people!

Today, I’m giving you five ways to change that feeling of overwhelm into a feeling of peace.

1.  Take time for you. 
Just like the airplane attendants remind you to take oxygen before helping your child, you have to take a few minutes for yourself every day,  before giving it to others.   Take care of yourself so you can have enough to take care of others.   Take a minute to read a book, drink coffee before the kids wake up, head out back on a sunny afternoon to sit on the back porch for five minutes and crack open Magnum Tub from Walmart.

A woman sitting on a porch eating ice cream.
Then, with whatever you pick… enjoy it.
 A container of ice cream with a spoon resting on the rim.

If you’re eating Magnum ice cream, take in all of that chocolaty goodness surrounding the sweet flavor.   They have White Chocolate Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Vanilla.  Two containers of Magnum ice cream on a counter with a golden spoon in one of the containers.
Kick back for a few moments of indulgence.    Take it from me… the actual act of cracking the coating is soothing to your mind, helping you release tension and feel at ease.
A close up of Magnum ice cream with a golden spoon in it.
Ps- don’t worry… I’ll share!  Later, I’ll be hosting a special sweepstakes of gold, Magnum branded spoons with a tub of ice cream, so when you’re getting some stress relief, it will feel all the richer.)

A close up of Magnum ice cream with a golden spoon in it.

2. Pay attention to how you spend your time
It happens to all of us:  we get sidetracked.  My friends call it “chasing squirrels”.   Try to stay focused on the task at hand so you can get more done.   If you get online to check e-mails but get sidetracked by Facebook or Pinterest, you can easily lose an hour of your day.  Try to stay on task and you’ll accomplish far more in your day.

3. Exercise daily

Exercise releases endorphins make you happier and it can lower your stress levels (not to mention helps you drop a few pounds!). Start making exercise a priority during your day and see how your mood and even level of productivity change. Try to sneak in a quick, 20-minute workout.  Plus- the energy you’ll get from working out will be worth it because you’ll have more energy to get things done or to play with your kids:
A boy standing behind a woman sitting on the floor with his hands over her eyes.

4. Wake up before your kids

My kids are all very early risers (7:30 is sleeping in at this house!), but I still do my best to get up before them. It is so nice to wake up to a quiet house and have 30 minutes to myself to “wake up” before I start with the breakfast rush. :).I know it can be hard to get up early when the sun hasn’t risen yet, but, those 15 minutes of alone time can really set your day up for success. If you’re having trouble waking up early, write down three goals you’d like to accomplish before the kids get up. These can be easy things, like: Make coffee, check emails and let the dog out.
Another key to waking up early is going to bed at a decent hour. I feel the best when I get 5-6 hours of sleep.   My husband feels best when he gets 8.   Find out how many hours you need and aim for that amount of sleep at night.

5. Let your kids be kids
Remember – let your kids be kids and treat them like the wonderful people that they are.  Let them see you laugh and smile because of them.  Let them see you enjoy being with them!   As Haim Ginott once said: “Treat a child as though he already is the person he’s capable of becoming.”    You could even share your ice cream… 😉

A boy sitting on a porch eating a container of ice cream with a golden spoon.


And remember… look at the BIG picture.  Sometimes, you’re only seeing a snippet, but when you can take a minute to step back – you see it all in one frame. 😉

Ok, now hurry & grab some ice cream.  Use it as your excuse to take a minute to yourself. 😉

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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