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We recently went to Hilton Head and our dog came with us.  A friend asked me why we were taking him with us instead of having him boarded, so I started telling her that he does everything that we do.    When she asked what I meant, I gave her a list of the things that our dog does with us on vacations.

Here are 3 Outdoor Family activities (that include your dog!)

A white dog sitting on a porch.

1. Swimming.  Our dog loves to swim.   He will go in the lake or in the ocean, just keep them in the shallow area with you.  We keep ours on a leash.   Dogs can even go in chlorinated pools.  We just wash our dog immediately after swimming, to take care of his fur and keep it from becoming matted.
Swimming is low-impact, so it’s perfect for pets.
Note: make sure that your dog can swim.  Our boxer couldn’t swim, so we had a life jacket for him.

A group of people standing on a beach with a dog.

2. Biking:  It sounds funny to take your dog biking, but you can train your dog to run beside your bike without getting too close to the bike.   They make attachments that you can attach to the dog to prevent them from getting too close to the bike.  The key thing to remember is to stop often to give your dog drinks and a rest.   We go early in the morning or late in the evening, when the weather is cool.  It is hard for dogs to show you that they are tired, because they want to keep up with you, so just be aware that they need rest and drinks.    We stop often and let him rest in the shade:

A boy holding a dog.

3. Dog Parks:  We take our dog to dog parks often.  He loves to run around with other pets.  When we go on vacation, we just jump online and find a dog park in the area.  We’ve never gone anywhere that didn’t have one.   Just remember to have water for your pet (although most dog parks have water fountains for the dogs).

No matter what, be sure that your dog is protected.  We never let a day go by without protection from fleas, ticks and other bugs.  PetArmor Plus can stop infestations and help prevent reinfestation.  It is waterproof and fast-acting, so it helps break the flea life cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 weeks as well as kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease.

A variety of PetArmor products.

PetArmor® Plus for Dogs is a vet-quality formula kills the following for up to 30 days:

  • Fleas
  • flea eggs
  • flea larvae
  • ticks
  • chewing lice

It is available in four different weight breaks: 4 to 22 pounds, 23 to 44 pounds, 45 to 88 pounds or 89 to 132 pounds.  Remember that you can not split doses between dogs and you can not use it on dogs under four pounds or under 8 weeks of age.

A dog sitting at the bottom of a stair case.

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    Details: When you upload your pictures, there will be custom frames and stickers to add to your image. Showcase which ones you chose and encourage your audience to PetArmor® Plus for Dog
    A variety of pet products.
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  • $250 dog or cat prize package
  • $200 WMT Gift Card

Good luck!

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