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It’s The Small Things in Life that matter the most… try one of these out of the blue ways to make someone’s day

out of the blue ways to make someone's day

Another bill. Another work day. Another load of laundry. Another empty tank of gas. Another dirty diaper.

In the mix of it all, imagine getting an old fashioned letter in the mail, one where your address is hand written on the envelope or imagine receiving an unexpected gift from a friend.

It wouldn’t matter how long the letter or the size of the gift, it would instantly put a smile on your face, wouldn’t it? So let’s all just sit around and wait for that happy moment when someone surprises us.

But wait, there would be no kindness in this world, no unexpected acts of generosity without GIVERS, you know, the ones that do the unexpected acts of kindness. I reminded myself of this today, to not wait for someone else to be the giver, but instead jump at the opportunity to do it myself.

Life is too short, it goes by too fast and if you aren’t careful it will pass you by. It’s the small things in life that make life worth living. You know the saying “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It's The Small Things in LifeWhy not pick a friend, a fellow mama, a family member or a complete stranger and become the reason for the smile on their face?

Here are a couple quick ideas to get you started but don’t limit yourself to this list, think outside the box, there are no limits.

  • Mail a real old fashioned note, one that requires a stamp
  • Buy a gift off amazon and have it shipped directly to a friend
  • When running your errands around town, swing by a friend’s house and leave a note taped to their front door or car windshield
  • Call, text or Facebook message someone you look up to and let them know why you appreciate them.
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Hi, I’m Alida, over at   I blog about being a mom in this busy world and how to achieve a healthy and happy life.  Natural parenting, eating real food, homeschooling, and living stress free is the way to go.  

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Alida,
    Thank you for this. I am so glad for the reminder. Sometimes in the day-to-day, I have trouble remembering to do the small things, but they really can brighten someone’s day.

  2. I love to do that- mail letters (physical letters, not email) – its a lost art!

  3. Great post! They say when you’re feeling down the best thing to do is to do something for someone else. Thank you and have a fabulous day!

  4. Love this! I’m picking up a few things for a friend who’s down and out tomorrow! This is a good reminder!