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These Organic snacks for your family are all snacks that we enjoy.  They are my favorite quick and easy snack ideas that will hopefully help you get on the path to clean eating.  This sponsored post, written by me, is on behalf of Clif Bar & Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I hope that you find some great tips & that you can leave a few ideas  of your own, as well! 

organic snack ideas for your family

Organic food is important. ¬†It is our body’s source of nutrition and energy and it keeps everyone healthier and just more ‘clean’ on the inside. ¬†I love to feed our kids healthy foods. ¬†If I can give them food right from the farmer’s field to our kitchen table… even better…


5 great orgnanic snacks for your family: 

1- Clif Bars 

My favorite of this list.   I eat these for a snack, even though I buy them for the kids.  I actually buy two boxes (from Sams Club).  We buy the adult ones because they are bigger (my favorite is white chocolate macadamia nut & my husband loves the Peanut Butter.  The kids love the Brownie Bar.


Actually, the reason that I first bought it was because a friend had told me about how they use¬†organic oats in their recipes. ¬†I looked around and found out that they only use the best ingredients that are grown in a way that is good for people and planet, now and in the future. ¬†They like to help us know where our food comes from. ¬† Seriously- awesome snack¬†(and pretty much my breakfast every single day!) ¬†Here is a little video to tell you what I’m talking about. ¬†I think it will inspire you to eat the way that we were meant to eat. ¬† I was shocked to hear what the chemicals did and why they decided to go organic. ¬†¬†“They spray, we till” ¬†Watch it here & be inspired…

2.  Clementines or Mandarin oranges

A group of oranges on a table.

Clementines are quick, easy to peel and you can take them anywhere.  They come in their own wrappers and fit easily into a purse or bag until you are ready for them.  I try to keep them at the top of my bag, but they hold up pretty well and don’t bruise if they get shoved down to the bottom of my bag.

3.  Trail Mix

Healthy snack of raisins, yogurt bites and cut fruit.

I love to make my own trail mix. ¬†Grab some organic snacks (dried fruit, almonds, nuts and whatever else you’d like) and toss them all together. ¬† Just put them in a air-tight container and you can have a quick go-to snack for the kids. ¬† I also put them into little snack-sized bags, so I can just grab one if they want a quick snack.

4.  Popcorn

A close up of a bowl of ice cream, with Popcorn

This is a no-brainer.  When I was little, my Aunt used to invite me over for sleepovers and we would eat popcorn straight out of her air-popping machine (we always sprinkled it with a little parmasean cheese).  We would watch the show The Commish, snuggled up under her green and white checkered blanket.   This little snack was always a treat (and so easy to make!)

5- Homemade Granola

A bowl of cut oats and nuts.

Granola is a nice sweet treat.  When you make your own you can customize to your family’s taste.  Are you starting to see how eating real food can make everyone happy?

Find more great options here:, Facebook, or Twitter   or check out this post to help you on your path to clean eating.

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