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Having a healthier lifestyle in the new year boils down to a few things: diet, fitness, stress & sleep.  If you can improve on these things, you will have a healthier lifestyle.   Today I want to share 3 tips that make a big difference in the new year:

1.  In the new year, be sure to surround yourself with others who inspire you & others YOU can inspire.  Find a workout buddy. Hire a trainer and/or a health coach. Go grocery shopping with a girlfriend who loves kale chips and wants to show you how to make them. Support is crucial. Teach your kids and your hubby how to cook something new. Introduce them to a new healthy food each week. Get your kids in the kitchen with you. Talk to them about the importance of being healthy and happy. Remember, you are their greatest role model. Do it for you. Do it for them.  Have your spouse join in.

Get a watch like Withings Steel or their Body Cardio scale.  Steel is a high-tech low-fuss stainless steel watch that’s perfect for those looking to dive into activity tracking without sacrificing style.  It has a 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and double-domed glass.

A close up of a fitness watch in its plastic case.

It is from Withings, part of Nokia and it tracks steps, running, distance & calories burned (even in the water – it is water resistant up to 5ATM) and it doesn’t require charging (Up to 8-month battery life). I even use it for sleep monitoring and the silent vibrating alarm. Mickey and I sync it with the Health Mate app (IOS & Android).

A close up of a person wearing a fitness watch.

(Brand new out of the box!)

A close up of a box with a Withings fitness watch.

2. Stop dieting in 2017. Start loving clean, real food. Don’t like to cook? Learn to love it. Your kitchen is your #1 tool on your journey to health and happiness. Bottom line. You are not going to get healthy when restaurant food makes up the majority of your diet. Not going to happen. Start somewhere and build from it every day. Starting is always the hardest part. Once you start, you won’t regret it. Just start.

3. Add instead of subtract in the new year. “Crowd out” the food crap for the new year.  Instead of depriving yourself and taking out all the foods you love, start adding in the good ones. Know you need to stop drinking soda? Start drinking a lot of water and your cravings for soda will start going away. Add in a new healthy food every day. Add spinach or kale to your favorite casserole. Put loads of veggies in your eggs. Add ground flaxseed to muffins. Over time, the healthy food choices will take the place of the unhealthy foods. After a few months of not drinking that soda and you take a sip, it will taste terrible.  Invest in a bread maker, a slow-cooker, an awesome blender and high-quality pots and pans.  Grab your watch & scale and start keeping track of your meals, your activity & your sleep.

You will feel better in 2017!  New Year, New You.

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