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This guest post on What Every New Mom Needs To Hear, is written by Georgia.   I know that you will love it like I did!
What Every Mom Needs To Hear

When we came home from the hospital and the reality of having a baby hit me, I immediately began to feel alone.

I struggled with Post Partum Anxiety and our little bundle of joy cried for months. Add to that lack of sleep and we were in a bad way.

Other moms talked about how their baby just slept like rocks, hit milestones early and were so sweet in general.

My little girl did not sleep like a rock and was not so sweetly tempered.

I found myself up at night with a screaming baby, upset with myself for not being “better” at this mommy/baby thing.

I felt more alone and confused than ever.

At last, an older mom (who is also a prominent local pediatrician) recognized the discouragement and hopeless look and leaned over at dinner one night and looked me square in the eyes and said, “You are doing this right.”

I nodded politely.

She shook her head and lowered her voice and said it more sternly,
“No.. really.. you need to hear this:  You. Are. Doing. This. Right.”

“Don’t listen to all of the voices and all the things that people are saying… You know your baby and you’re doing this right.”

It took me months to finally believe her and understand where she was coming from.

If you know a new mom, consider encouraging her today in a way that could offer a ray of hope on her new mommy journey.

Things Every New Mom Needs To Hear

1.) Trust your instincts.
No one knows your baby like you do. The old saying is true. 

Sometimes it seems that we have more advice when we have not yet had children than the person that has had many children…  

My grandmother had 9 children and simply said, “Each child is different.”

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t fit into a certain category. If they’re slow to potty train, roll over or sleep through the night. Just enjoy them and trust your instincts.

2.) Comparison is the thief of joy.
It’s never truer than when other mom’s start talking about physical, social or verbal milestones (much less sleeping mile stones). This is your journey with your very own little baby. You are their advocate. Don’t let other people’s experience rob you of enjoying your baby who is moving and growing at her own perfect rate.

3.) Ask for help.
Other women understand. Don’t be afraid of reaching out for help. If you don’t have any one near you to connect with, rely on technology to help you find friends or local playgroups. In this day and age of technology it’s even easier than ever before to form community via social networking and forums. Don’t go it alone and don’t be afraid to share concerns and fears with your doctor.

If your child is having some delays or issues that concern you, don’t let fear or shame hold you back from getting your child and yourself the proper help

What simple advice or words of encouragement did you need to hear as a new mom?



Thank you to Georgia at  Oatmeal Smiles
She writes about Seeking Grace in motherhood & shortcuts in the kitchen




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