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Don’t you love those days when you have absolutely nothing to do? Between football, soccer, guitar and swim lessons going on right now, those are few in our house. Each child is involved in at least one thing, but there is that one day a week when no one has anything to do… and those are my favorite days.

On those days, we always bake. The kids love it and I love it. It is just a little way to bring us together on those ‘nothing’ days. Country Crock® is bringing families together by reminding them of the special moments that occur when they bake together.

The kids and I took the Country Crock® Make It YoursTM recipe where you can take on any mix-in imaginable. Encourage creativity with your kids in the kitchen and share how you #MakeItYours. The time in the kitchen is more than just making cookies, it is about getting together as a family – it’s our favorite time of the day: baking or cooking together… a way to get creative in the kitchen with your family

So… we decided to do this, to take their normal cookie recipe and add our own ingredients. The kids had a BLAST doing this. They even added their own toppings at the end.

So… we started with the regular ingredients: The Make It YoursTM Cookie Recipe is one easy-to-make cookie dough recipe. The Country Crock® recipe starts you off with the perfect base cookie dough for you and your family to have some fun with. From there, get creative and add in whatever mix-in’s inspire you. We started out with Country Crock® – it is a buttery spread that is the go-to ingredient for baking and cooking, made with real, simple ingredients, including delicious oils, purified water, and a pinch of salt.


Then we started adding things:
Allie added sprinkles.
Ethan added chocolate syrup.
Beau added chocolate chips.
I added coconut, but I saved mine for the top because Mickey and I are the only ones that would like coconut cookies.

The cookies came out perfectly… and ready for toppings!
I let the kids decorate their cookies with these toppings: (yes, there is even a chip there… that was for Beau’s cookie.)
PS- we used a plastic drop cloth as the tablecloth because we knew this would be messy!


After they got most of it on, Allie wanted to go outside to do the rest, so yes… we moved the sprinkles, her cookie and her brother’s cookies outside…


…and she put even MORE sprinkles on her cookies!

Ethan made chocolate syrup chocolate chip cookies…

Beau did the same.
Mine is the swirl colors cookie with the coconut. 🙂
It was a hit!
Visit for the Make It YoursTM Cookie Recipe and more baking inspiration. You can also join the conversation online using the #MakeItYours on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Visit for recipes and meal inspiration.

In the meantime, check out this video and see what you can come up with:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Country Crock . The opinions and text are all mine.

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