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I recently went to visit the STOUFFER’S® Test Kitchen in Ohio (a perk of blogging is that companies will allow me inside access to places like this and I get to see things first hand and share it with you!) Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to STOUFFER’S®.   We decided to partner together to bring you the story of their company in today’s sponsored post.


The big thing that I took away was that STOUFFER’S® freshly made entrees use quality ingredients and are simply frozen to be convenient for you. Did you know that they are literally ALL NATURAL?   They do not use preservatives or chemicals.  They just make it like you would make it and then the freeze it.  That’s it!

While we were there, they let us make our own lasagna… and then we ate it, of course!

My group was in charge of the cheese lasagna.  We started with simple, fresh ingredients:


We each had a turn making the noodles, the sauce & the cheese mixture with a chef to show us what to do:

A group of people standing around a table with a chef showing ingredients.
While we were there, we heard the story of the Stouffer Family.  Mrs. Stouffer, her husband, and their two sons built this business on trust, fresh ingredients, and great meals.  We heard about how they started as a small coffee shop, selling buttermilk and crackers… to how they go to the place that they are today.


When I saw how each lasagna was made and I realized that it not only tasted better than what I make at home (yes… but shhh.. don’t tell) and it was fresher than mine, because they used fresh tomatoes and the noodles were made of simply flour & water, I knew that I was going to be buying it more often.

Since then, we’ve had it every single week.   The kids love it and I love that I can trust what is in it, plus it tastes amazing.

We had a wonderful time.
PS- just to brag on them a little bit, they made us the BEST meals while we were there.  Pecan-crusted bacon, blueberry cobbler, peach cake, wonderful salads, soups and so much more.  I would go again just to eat the food. haha!   I sent pictures to Mickey & my parents during every meal. 😉

The people were amazing, as well.  Really.  The staff was out of this world.  They went above & beyond to accommodate all of us.  They told me about how they are encouraged to volunteer (how awesome is that) as a company, how they share samples (they are owned by NESTLÉ® USA, so you can imagine all of the food cooked there!)
All in all, I couldn’t have liked it more.  🙂 


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