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A chicken pot pie sitting on top of a wooden table with text above it.

I wanted to share my mom’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe today.  It is my favorite one!

This recipe is quick, easy to make and so convienient because most of the foods are frozen, so you always have them in your freezer.   I try to keep our freezers well stocked (We have more than one because we have six people in our family and we go through a lot of food!)

Frozen foods are convenient for our family because they are ready when we are & they make healthy meal planning so much easier.  There are a lot of benefits of frozen foods!  They freeze the foods in seconds at temperatures well below zero degrees immediately locks in nutrients and flavors until your food is ready to be enjoyed~ sort of like nature’s pause button.
You can read more about freezing foods here at How Fresh Stays Fresh. 

With that being said, here are the ingredients that you will want to buy (this is my recipe card):

Picture of a recipe on a 3x5 card.

Frozen Chicken Breast (I use 2-3)
Frozen veggies (1 bag is plenty, but I like to use two bags- the small bags).
Frozen or refrigerated pie crust.

8 oz. sour cream
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Salt & Pepper

First, get your crust ready by setting it out to thaw.
Thaw & then cook the chicken.  Cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Mix the filling in a bowl:
Add your frozen vegetables
A bowl of mixed vegetables in a plastic cup.

Then add your soup. A bowl of mixed vegetables and cream of chicken soup in a plastic container.

Next add the 1 cup of sour cream
A cup of ingredients and container of sour cream beside it.

Top it with the cut-up cooked chicken and some salt & pepper.
Mix well.  
A bowl of mixed ingredients in a plastic container.

Lay your pie crust in the bottom of your pie pan (I like to use my Grandma’s purple pie dish).
Put everything into it.
A uncooked chicken pot pie without the top crust.

Unroll the other pie crust on top.
Cut slits to allow it to vent.
An uncooked chicken pot pie sitting on the counter.

Bake at 350 for One Hour.  This time may vary based on your oven.  Sometimes I will cook it longer.  If the edges start to burn, put foil around the edges/crust.
It will start to bubble through and seep out the sides when it is ready, after an hour or so. 
A cooked chicken pot pie sitting on the counter.

That’s it- it is so easy & it is SO delicious!
A plate of Chicken Pot pie.

If you are wondering about using fresh vs frozen vegetables you can find out more here.

I add frozen food to a lot of dishes, to customize them.  In my Grandma’s Low Country Boil recipe, I add frozen Corn on the Cob & it certainly makes the dish so much better!

Or you can add frozen vegetables to this easy (tasty) easy hasbrown casserole recipe to make it more “your own”.

A close up of a sign.

For another freezer cooking idea- check out my frozen HEALTHY freezer pops.  Our kids LOVE them & we make them in just a minute! 


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