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If you like the book about If You Give a Moose a Muffin, you are going to love the one that we’ve created today.   If you are anything like me, when your kids ask you to lie down with them to read a book or sing a song… you are falling asleep.   When My Green Mattress wanted to partner together for this post, I knew that I had to share my story: If YOU GIVE A MOM A MATTRESS.

if you ask your mom to lie down with you

This is how my evening seems to go. ♥

If you GIVE A MOM A MATTRESS, she’s going to fall asleep.
She will wake up in a panic and head downstairs to clean up the kitchen…

When she is cleaning the kitchen, she will notice that someone left a cup in the living room.
When she goes to get the cup out of the living room, she will notice that the TV was left on.

When she goes over to turn off the TV, she will see that it is HGTV and they are playing her favorite show.
She will sit to watch her favorite show.

When she sits to watch her favorite show, she will remember that her husband just bought ice cream.
She will go to get her favorite ice cream and see the messy kitchen.

She will start cleaning the kitchen again and hear the washing machine beep.
She will go upstairs to get the laundry out of the washer and she will hear a voice.

When she turns to find the voice, she sees a 3 year old standing at her door.
She will go back to tuck the three year old in and she will hear “Will you sleep in my bed?”

She will lie down in bed and fall asleep, again.
When she wakes up ten minutes later, she will go to her room.

In her room, she will pick up the shoes and toys that were left in there.
She will put them into the closet, passing the bathroom along the way.

When she sees the bathtub, she will realize that she meant to clean it today.
Once it is clean, she decides she should enjoy the clean tub.

When she’s done with her bath, she puts on her favorite pajamas and turns on the show that she taped from before.
She will want to lie down, in bed, to watch her show.

When she gets into her bed she thinks about all of the things that she forgot to do.
Thinking of the things that she forgot to do will remind her that she has an ongoing list on her dresser.

She gets out of her bed and finds the list.
Seeing the list reminds her that she wanted to leave little notes on the kid’s floors that say “GOOD MORNING!” so they will wake up and find them in the morning.

She writes their notes and takes them to their rooms.
Seeing them sound asleep reminds her that she is exhausted.

 She goes to her room, gets into her bed, sinks into her My Green Mattress and falls asleep for a few hours.
Then she hears someone call for her, she goes into their bedroom and falls asleep with them… because if you give your mom a mattress, she’s going to fall asleep…♥
if you give a mom a mattress...
I recently met Kim, a consultant for My Green Mattress and it inspired this post. 🙂
My Green Mattress is a natural/organic mattress company.  They handcraft mattresses from organic and natural materials.  They are a family owned business located in Illinois.  There are a few things that I love about My Green Mattress: 

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  1. Lol! We have “If you Give a Pig a Pancake” and “If you Give a Moose a Muffin”–my 3yo’s favorite! So I really appreciated this accurate Momma version ? Due with number 2 today (but unlikely he will make his appearance), the green mattress sounds heavenly–though, at this stage in the game, if you give this pregnant momma a couch, she is going to fall asleep ?