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Our kids love to have playdate lunch-dates with their friends.
I love to hang out with their friend’s moms… so it is a win-win!   I wanted to share a few ideas for some lunches that you could EASILY prepare for a play date.

1- Pizza
I love Ellio’s Pizza because they are a long-standing brand with consistent taste for over 5 decades at an affordable price.A slice of pizza on a plate with a Ellio\'s pizza box behind it.

Ellio’s is a quick & easy meal.  Plus, Ellio’s is great tasting with real mozzarella cheese, awesome sauce and a really crispy crust.  All Ellio’s Products are made with real ingredients –( like 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors.)  You can find it with Ellio’s Pizza Store Locator  
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2. Peanut Butter and Apples.
This is easy and the kids love it.  It is filled with protein and I prefer to give this to our kids over Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches, because they are eating fruit with the apples and limiting their sugar intake (cutting out the jelly).

3.  Cheese Quesadillas.
Just take your Quesadilla maker and grab your tortillas.  Fill it with cheese.  You can add black beans or shredded chicken (I get a rotisserie chicken and use that – a great tip from my friend, Julia).

4- Pizza bites
Take your Ellios pizza and cut it into bites.  Let the kids layer it with other toppings that you have prepared, like peppers (then serve peppers on the side for the kids to eat)

5. Taco in a bag
What you need:
Mini bags of chips or corn chips,  taco meat, lettuce, salsa.

Lay it out like a mini bar and let the kids scoop their meat and toppings into their bag of chips.   They mix it and eat it with a fork.  This is always a fun twist to the regular taco.

Our favorite is pizza, but all are tasty (fun) options!

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