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 We all think “Oh,  our kids will never get lice.  Its just for the kids that aren’t taken care of… kids that don’t wash their hair, kids that don’t take care of themselves”   That is just not true.   Lice actually like clean hair the best, so any thoughts of just ‘washing your hair’ every day to keep it away isn’t going to work.

I haven’t had to experience this yet, but I’m sure our day will come.   

Our boys do wrestling, so their heads are in contact with others heads and that mat on a weekly basis.  They play baseball and the helmets get passed around.  They ride on the school bus, they go to the movie theaters… the list goes on & on & on.    Lice is a constant worry of mine because of this. I had a friend that caught lice in elementary school just by riding on the bus next to a kid that had lice.   

Most of you know that I was a teacher, before we had our kids. I am currently a play therapist (a couple of mornings a week) and I am a Mom to four little ones. All four of our kids are around other kids on a weekly basis (church, preschool, elementary school, etc…)

I will let you in on one thing that I worry about constantly. I worried about this when I was teaching and I worry about it now with our kids… LICE.

How to prevent & treat lice with kids When I taught, I wore my hair up almost every day. In the first school that I taught in, I had a few kids in my class that had lice and I just worried every day that I would catch it when I hugged them or when I leaned down to help them. (I wasn’t going to let lice get in my way of helping my kiddos!) Luckily I never caught it, but I’m not sure what our future will hold with four kids.

TIPS TO PREVENT LICE (not that it can really be prevented, but you can TRY to keep it away):

  • Talk to your kids about head lice
  • Teach your kids not to share things that they don’t have to share (I don’t let our kids try on hats in stores, unless we are planning on buying one.)
  • examine their scalps to catch it early and prevent it from spreading to your whole family
  • Try not to be in close contact with someone that has lice.
  • If you know that someone has had lice, avoid using their things (blankets, furniture, toys…) and if you do, be sure to WASH it in HOT water first & dry it on HIGH heat.

Try as we may, our kids may still end up with lice one day, so I wanted to give you a treatment option that I found.  A few weeks ago, I got an email about a new product and I knew that I had to share it with you guys because if/when it happens, we will be prepared.

Its called AirAlle.  It is NOT a medication, so I really liked it. You go somewhere (see where below) and have this treatment done. It takes about an hour. They use a device that takes about 30 minutes to kill the lice and eggs. They will do a 30 min. comb-out. The eggs have a 99.2% chance of being dead after the treatment, but they can get the nits out, too, if you are willing to sit longer (Ok- tell you all of this gives me the creepy crawlies, but I think its important for you to know!)

I hate to use medicine when I don’t have to. I don’t even like to take a Tylenol, so putting a toxic medication on our kids heads to kill something scares me just a bit. Plus, the mediation is not proven to kill all of the eggs- they normally only get about 1/2 of the eggs. (Although some newer ones do prove to be almost 100% effective, but you know to know what you are doing for the comb-out part of it). There are toxic-free, pesitcide-free medicines, but they don’t have a very high success rate.

So, I contacted AirAlle before I wrote this post & asked some questions that I knew would be on your mind, because it was on mine:

I’m Becky from Your Modern Family and I had a few questions about AirAlle, if you don’t mind answering them. I plan on including them in a post about how to kill lice safely, because most of my readers have children and will school in full swing, I know that this is on their minds, as it is on mine.
Thanks so much!

ME: Is there any sort of age that should not be using this?
AA~The FDA allows the device to be used on persons aged 3 and older.

ME: How was AirAlle invented? Who invented it? Why?

ME~ If it doesn’t work, can we try it again?
AA~Most of our service providers who do the AirAllé treatments provide guarantees (usually 14-days to 30-days) because they are so confident that it works so well. I’ve heard from some of our providers that say they’ve never had to do a retreatment because it is so effective.

ME~Where do we find AirAlle treatments?

I hope that helped you so that if you do have to deal with this in the future, you will know what your options are for this. Its not something that we like to talk about

Hi there!

I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  1. Ewww, lice! My sister and I got life when we were kids – that was the last time mom let us try on our friend’s hats.

    This is great info, thanks for sharing!

    1. haha! I know- I can remember my Mom telling me not to try on hats at the stores for that reason & I don’t let our kids either now.

  2. This is really helpful! I am a teacher, too, and parents are constantly asking me how to get rid of it when it comes around our classroom.
    I will pass on this information. Thank you!!

  3. This is great info! My Kids have had it in the past (last year) and I wish I had known about this then. I am on the PTO at our school- I am giving them this website! Useful info here with AirAlle!