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This week I asked you on Facebook if you would want to hear about the books that I am reading… and you said YES!

That was all that it took!  From now one, I will be sharing the books that I am reading every week.


I will post two or three books every Friday, because that will leave you the weekend to read them (that’s when I do most of my reading).  They will probably be quick reads, because with these 4 cuties, I don’t have too much extra time to read books the way that I used to:
I normally follow a little theme in what I am reading (because its is where my interests seem to be that week) so I’m sure these posts will be no different.

So- this week I am sharing my first 2 books and they are both about raising our children to be strong Christians. 

My first book that I just read: How to Introduce Your Child to Jesus, by my good friend Jessica Smartt.


Motherhood:  Its wonderful and when you do a good job at it, you feel great.  Sometimes, you don’t feel so great.  Sometimes you don’t SEIZE THE MOMENT.   I wish that I remembered to bring everything back to Jesus.   I try, I really do!   If they ask a question, I try to think of a bible lesson to talk about.  If they are making a not-so-great decision, I tell them to think “If Jesus were standing right here, right now… would you still make this decision?”

As Jessica says… “I guess it’s fine if I can’t explain everythingBut Jesus, and heaven, and God and all that? Yikes. I don’t want to be sleeping on the job for those questions.  So, I’ve thought of a few ways to intentionally teach my kids about Jesus.

What do you get in the e-book?

  • Insights on making your child’s faith real – and lasting
  • Tips for surviving church with little ones (what we bring to church, what we do when they’re loud, how to get them to sit still)
  • My 25 favorite Jesus-centered books, movies, and toys for kids
  • 15+ everyday scenarios to talk about Jesus with your child
  • The seven common personalities in kids, and how to teach each type
  • A list of my favorite devotionals for wearied moms
  • YOUR questions answered – common questions about teaching a little one about God

You can find out more about the book here…  HOW TO INTRODUCE YOUR CHILD TO JESUS. 

2- The second book that I have recently read was Because I Said So.
A little girl and boy laying on the floor looking at a book and giving the thumbs up sign with text above them.

In her post, she writes:  “As I continue to watch more and more kids rebelling against rules and parental authority, I notice one big missing link: the why behind obedience. I see it in adults, as well. Let’s take speeding for example. Do we stay under the speed limit out of willful submission? Or do we slam on the breaks when we see the cop car over the horizon? Do we obey the law because it’s right? Or just to stay out of trouble?


I think we have a very warped view of obedience on our hands. I suspect that you might be just as guilty as I know I am. The truth is—>as a Christian, we obey the law because God said so. It’s a willful submission to the authority that God has placed over us. And unless the law requires us to go against God’s law, we are to obey.


This is the kind of obedience that I want for my kids. Teaching children to WANT to obey is far more important than teaching them to look like they are obeying. And don’t worry, I get that the first few years of a child’s life don’t really apply to this principle. This is indeed the season when mom/dad need to work toward obedience without giving much explanation. But as your child enters the preschool years, it’s time to start helping them understand that there is much more to obedience than making mom smile.”

Well- that post inspired a fantastic book:  (& its only $4.99)

She goes on to talk about it more and she offers some REALLY GREAT info on which of her books you will want to look into.  I highly suggest taking a look.   You won’t be disappointed.

TO FIND OUT MORE, CLICK HERE: BECAUSE I SAID SO (teaching your kids to WANT to obey)



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