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Today, I’m teaming up with American Cleaning Institute for this sponsored post to share important home safety information many may not think of.

Our laundry room had always been a sore spot for me… a place that had the door shut because it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the house, so leave it up to Mickey to change it for me. He likes doing house-renovations as much as I like finding ideas (we’re a good team)!  

This was our before:

A white counter with a wicker tray on it.And another:

A white counter with a cabinet above it.
Clearly lacking some style.

So, we made a plan to change it. We knew that it needed cabinets for laundry baskets, shelves and a high-storage area to keep laundry packets up and away where our children can’t reach. It is so important to practice safe storage habits in the home, especially in the laundry room where it is often overlooked. The American Cleaning Institute’s PACKETS UP! campaign provides helpful tips and resources for keeping our home and children safe from potential accidents.  

Thankfully, as a great reminder, ACI is offering free PACKETS UP! cling stickers. You can place them in a visible spot to remind you to keep your laundry packets up.    I have one on the washer & dryer:

A close up view of a washing machine.You can order your own free cling here, to put on your cabinet or washer as a reminder to store products safely in your home, too.

We also added shiplap:

A close up of a wall and a window.
Then Mickey painted it Sherwin-Williams Extra White.  

After it was painted, he added new cabinets that he bought at Lowes. He bought three cabinets (18-inch wide each). We knew that we wanted doors & drawers, so he was able to find those.

He bought wood for the top and stained it a really pretty color (Minwax BeachWood.) to look just like real Beachwood. It took three coats of stain. We like gray & white together, so it works well.    

A counter with drawers and shelves above it.

He added some shelves that he made from the same wood as the top of the cabinets.  He stained them to match, as well. We added some decorative things, but we also added a closed cabinet on the other side of the laundry room that holds all of our liquid laundry packets, fabric softener and cleaner. The kids can’t get to it at all. We don’t want to take any risks, so we keep it in the high cabinet that is next to the washer/dryer.

A view of a laundry room with a stacked washer and dryer with a sink and cabinet beside them.

I love the new laundry room because when you walk by, you see this:

A laundry room counter and shelving above it.

What you don’t see is the cabinet filled with my things. 🙂

I like that one side is pretty, while the other side is functional.

Please be sure to add your own PACKETS UP! cling sticker to your laundry room.  Don’t worry, they are totally removable and don’t leave a mark. You can also find a lot of useful information to encourage safe laundry room practices (clings, worksheets, tips for storage and stain removal, safety videos, etc)  at


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