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Today I am sharing 15 things that you should know about hardwood floors. Click on the pictures to see the post.

tips for hardwood floors

1- The best way to clean hardwood floors

2. Painting the underlayment to look like hardwood floors:

3. How to remove nail polish from your hardwood floors:

4. Refinishing 100 year old hardwoods:

5. How to lay hardwood floors:

6. Making a table from hardwood floors:

7.  Have your hardwood floors refinished:

8.  DIY hardwood floor cleaner:

 9.  Which flooring option is best for you?

10. Adding hardwoods in the kitchen: before & after

11. Making your own wet wipes for the floor:
A Swiffer mop and a stack of T-Shirts on the floor with text above them.

12. Painting wood floors:

13.  White-washed porch wooden floors:

14. From carpeting to wooden steps:

15. What you should NEVER do to wooden floors!

what you should never use on your hardwood floors

You can find my hometalk board for Wood Floors right here. 

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  1. I followed your link on the best ways to clean hardwood floors. I’m very impressed with some of the tips you shared. I’ve always struggled with getting my hardwood to shine, so I’m going to look into the product that you recommended. Thanks, Becky, for your helpful article!

    Alex Jennings |

  2. Thank you for sharing this information on hard wood floors. My wife and I are in the process of making some changes to the house. Our carpet is getting a bit old and we have both agreed on getting hardwood floors. We think they look really nice and they are easier to maintain. We really like some of the images you have shared on this site. Thanks again.

  3. These are such great ideas. It’s important to remember though that the floor ought to match the flavor of your house. Number 9 is my personal favorite, but I was thinking about how it might look with the furniture from number 12? Probably not as great. Still, the floor would be beautiful. I’m going to send this to my sister. She’s remodeling.

  4. Tip number 4 seems like a really great idea! My home is older and the floors really need a refresher or replacement soon. If I stick with a refresher, like you say, I could save some money, but the wood is pretty old and I might just need to replace it anyway. Thanks for posting this great list of ideas about hardwood floor!

  5. Thank you for the ideas. My wife and I are hoping to change the flooring in our house soon. I had never seen a painted hardwood floor before. That is a really interesting look. Is it difficult to paint a wood floor?

  6. My wife and I are going to be remodeling our kitchen this summer. These ideas were super helpful, especially since we are sick of our current floor, so we definitely plan on replacing it. Also, I really liked your idea for white washed flooring on a porch, and this could be something I can do on my back porch since it is wooden. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I had no idea you could paint hardwood floors, but I really like the look of it! I’m going to look in to it!

  8. I really like the look of refinished hardwood! I’ve been wanting to redo the flooring in the main floor of our home. I’l have to see if we can get someone to come help us refinish our floors!

  9. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. I would like to follow some of the instructions from here to protect and to know more about hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are gaining popularity day by day and due to its beneficial features, most people are installing hardwood floors. Apart from home and office, we have also found the use of hardwood floors in sports surface, I follow all the instructions to keep my hardwood floor in good condition.

  10. My husband and I are going to be remodeling our kitchen this summer. These ideas were super helpful, especially since we are sick of our current floor, so we definitely plan on replacing it. I especially liked your instructions on how to remove nail polis form such floors as I love painting nails, and my floors suffer from its stains a lot!

  11. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips. I had nail polish on my house floor but your tips helped me to overcome it.

  12. Refining the hardwood is very much important to make them look like new and above all it increases the life of the wood flooring. You should be doing this every 2 years at least. I am sure it will work wonders.