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Keeping playdough moist & organized
Keeping Playdough moist 003
Our kids play with playdough on a daily or at least tri-weekly basis. We love it. It is a great way to integrate fine motor skills, creativity and so many other skills. We use it to make letters, make people, make “monsters” & more.
I often use it when I am making dinner- I put the kids at the table with our play-dough box & they get to go crazy with their creations!

Our play-dough box (purchased at wal-mart) saves me time, frustration & work! Its simple, easy & we love it.

In our play-dough box, I have:
A cheap, but heavy lined tablecloth (I got this one on clearance at Wal-mart a year ago for about $2.00) I use it for everything. Do you want to paint? Sure! Lets put down the tablecloth. Do you want to use play-dough? Sure! Lets put down the tablecloth. Do you want to color a picture with markers? Sure! Lets put down the tablecloth. You get the picture.
* See below for my EASY cleanup tips!

I also keep the kids play-dough toys in here: Keeping Play-dough moist 006
Anything that I think would be fun to use with play-dough goes into this box. (Cheese spreaders, pretend scissors, some cookie cutters, a plastic knife…)

I hate those little play-dough containers, so I take the play-dough out as soon as we open them. I keep all of our play-dough in an air-tight container instead of the original containers. keeping playdough moist 2 001 To keep it extra moist, you could put it into a Ziplock baggie first & then into the container, but I want something that is LESS work for me, so this the container is easy for the kids to clean-up. Remember, we are always (teaching them to be responsible, independent adults)
This is simple. We put it all into one box. Dump it out. Play. Put it back. Done!

Time to play!!
Keeping Playdough moist 007

When we are done with the play-dough, the kids just throw it ALL back into the box. The play-dough goes into its container & into our play-dough box. The toys & tools go back in. They are done! It took all of two minutes!

* To clean up the tablecloth, I grab all four corners, gather them up and take it out onto our back porch & shake it off. (I shake it over the banister into the yard) Done! That took me about 20 seconds. I bring it back in, fold it up or roll it up & put it back into our play-dough box. Neatness not required! 🙂

I keep the box in our pantry on a shelf. It is out of the kid’s reach (Only our older boys can get it, but they know to ask first).

I hope this helped in keeping your playdough moist & organized!

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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  2. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s great
    Set it up yesterday for my kids and it was fun.
    Just wandering, how do you deal with play doh glued to clothes?
    All the best.