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Cold and Flu season is here and all the little kiddos are already coming home with scratchy throats and the sniffles.  While a good multi-vitamin might be a handy way to supplement the vitamins and minerals we don’t always get in a day, I prefer to try and boost my immunity naturally with good old fashioned food!  I like to fight colds with food when I can.

Vitamin C is probably the most widely recognized vitamin to ward off those bad little buggies that get us sick.  While there IS controversy if it actually makes a difference, I tend to believe there is an ounce of truth to the myth and boost up my C-filled foods during this season.

That brings me to my favorite 5 foods I choose that pack a Vitamin C boost:


Bell Peppers: Love this choice because they are so easy to eat raw or cooked into so many dishes.  Yellow peppers tend to be highest in Vitamin C packing 184mg/100 gram serving.

Broccoli: Again, this veggie is so good raw or cooked that you can eat a lot in one day.  It will give you 81 mg per Cup (chopped).

Stawberries: These little red gems actually give us as much Vitamin C as oranges although they are a bit harder to find in cold/flu season.  You can expect 59mg Vitamin C per 100g serving.

Green Chili Peppers:  These little babies pack a BIG punch of Vitamin C.  Just ONE green chili gives you 109mg.  If you throw 2-3 in your stir fry you are set!

Kiwi: I love kiwi and can easily eat 3 or more in one sitting.  Each of these exotic fruits will boast 84 mg of Vitamin C.

Check out one of my favorite recipes using Broccoli. Oriental Tofu Salad.  When I need an extra boost, I add a few green chilies and spice it up and some diced bell peppers.  Serve with a side of Kiwi, Oranges and Strawberries and you have a Vitamin C packed meal!

Now these are just MY favorite ways to get a little extra C.  How do YOU like keep the colds away? 

fight colds with food





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  1. Great information! I wasn’t aware that strawberries had so much vitamin C. My daughter loves them so I guess I can feel even better about giving them to her each day. I need to chop some more bell peppers too!