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I wanted to share some sneak peek at the other fantastic blog posts from the summer series. First is Kloverhouse

Check out how she manages to keep her kids busy and having fun in a small townhouse and while moving…

We are currently townhouse owners with three small kids, and we are also in the process of home staging/selling, so i’ve got some ideas here on how to keep your littles happy and having fun this summer without a lot of space! plus, here at klover house, we’re into blowing bubbles…not budgets!

(See her list of freebies on her page)…

summer in a small space may mean you’ll be looking to get out a little more than usual. summer draws us out anyway, but we get especially stir-crazy around here. but when you are living on a budget, you have to do a little homework in order to get out and not break the bank. be on the lookout for frugal finds and freebies. Read more here: klover house
goes on to tell you SO MANY ideas!!!! You have to check it out if you have kids!!
>A little girl running in the grass with text above her.


keep the indoors a fun place to be!

here are some fun things to do while indoors:

indoor picnics / tea parties
baking / cooking together
creating something other than food in the kitchen (make your own play dough, salt dough ornaments, etc.)
dance parties (we love the songs, “dance” by jesus culture and “deep cries out” by bethel church. “deep cries out” is an awesome song for following directions in movement.
we are working on learning our right and left using this fun song! plus, they’re worship songs. it melts my heart when i hear my kids singing to the Lord randomly throughout the day.
spa day!

give your kids mani/pedi’s

Find the rest of this list and more here


The next awesome post comes from Smartter Each Day on hosting a backyard bible group for kids:
A close up of a soccer ball with text above and below it.
. Ever thought about doing something different and fun for your kids? Ever wanted to share Jesus with the neighbors in a fun, non-awkward way?
How about a Backyard Bible Club?!
I loved that idea, but here were my obstacles:
I don’t have oodles of energy.
I’m not a crafty person.
I’m not made of money.
I wanted a fun, yet totally doable Neighborhood Backyard Bible Club…And I think it’s possible! Here’s my plan that I believe any mom can do – without being supermom, and without spending a bazillion dollars at Walmart.
Unfortunately, I had a rare, ectopic miscarriage in my abdomen a few weeks ago, so our actual club has gotten postponed. But Lord, willing, we’ll do it in a few weeks!
Here’s our plan: click here to see the rest


Lastly if you like food you will love Snippets of Inspiration recipe round-up!
A close up of a sign.
She has the recipes split up into yummy-sounding categories: light and airy, kid-friendly, no-worry crock pot recipes and more! Here is just a little look…

There are demands of summer that are not required throughout the rest of the year. Therefore during this summer season we have to be creative to meet those demands. Having to deal with the summer heat while cooking can be unbearable! Having children to keep entertained and from boredom can also be challenging. So here I’ve put together some ideal summer recipes that can help with these demands during your summer!

———-Kid-Friendly Recipes———-

A Mexican pizza sitting  on a plate.Mexican Pizza
This is an easy and fun dinner meal to put together because of all of the vegetables and condiments that are sprinkled atop this pizza! Your kids can easily help you with this dinner project. After chopping the onions, bell pepper, jalapenos, tomatoes and cheese, you kids can do the rest! They will definitely enjoy this because they are helping with dinner! And you can relax because there’s virtually no way to mess this up!

Breakfast Pizza
This recipe is similar to the style above in that your kids can sprinkle the toppings! After you’ve chopped everything, the task of assembling the rest can fall to your kids! This will keep them from boredom and teach them a few things about cooking too!

Oreo Trifle
This dessert is easy to make and cannot be messed up! You can have your kids help you by making the pudding, chopping the oreos and assembling it all! Again, because this is so easy they will enjoy helping and be proud of their accomplishment!

———-No Worries Recipes———-

Crock Pot Butter Chicken
This recipe is the best because after dumping all of your ingredients in, you can let it cook and simmer without having to stand over a hot stove or oven! While it’s cooking you don’t have to worry! You can leave this to miserate and find something else to do and rest assured that it will come out tasting amazing!

Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki

See so many more recipes all on one page here at snippets of Inspirations’s summer recipe roundup

And now for our Pinterest party and giveaway!!!!

All that you need to do is to share your favorite pins for everyone to see! I’m so excited to visit you on Pinterest, where we can share our ideas. I am finding Pinterest to be SO helpful with all things (Kids, House, Outings, Recipes!) I hope that you can find the inspiration that you need right here! Enjoy!!

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