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Did you know that nearly 660,000 children around the world are born with a significant hearing loss?   

When I was a teacher, I had several students over the years that were born with hearing loss.  It was difficult for them to pay attention and it was hard for them to understand.  Here are a few suggestions that I used with my students that may work with yours:

– Develop a set of hand-signals to let me know if they needed something.

– Develop a set of hand-signals for simple things like drink, bathroom, etc…

– Keep it private- I made it easy things, like scratching their head, blinking a long blink at me, etc…  this way it wasn’t a big deal and other student’s did not even notice (so that these children didn’t feel singled out)

– Move them to the front of the classroom

– Make sure that the child can see your face when you are speaking.

– Give your child a ‘helper’ – another child that can help them when they need help.  Partner them up together for activities or group lesson.

-Announce what you are going to do in the classroom before you do it.  Repeat before you begin.

We, as teachers, can take a step in the right direction by supplying them with tools to help.  We, as parents, can take a step in the right direction by seeking out the right help for them.  We, as people, can help raise awareness about the Hear the World Foundation.

  • Hearing loss affects 15% of the world’s population yet it receives little recognition or acknowledgement. Nearly half the cases are preventable.
  • About 660,000 children are born annually with significant hearing loss.
  • Hear the World promotes projects that support children with hearing loss, to enable them to develop at an appropriate rate for their age and to give access to school education. Since 2006, Hear the World has supported more than 50 projects across five continents and has already given countless people the chance of better hearing.
  • Hear the World Foundation envisions a world in which everyone has the opportunity to experience good hearing.


To help raise awareness, I am asking that you share your own Hear the World photo and post it using #HearTheWorld.  I’d love for you to come back & share your picture in the comments section! (For non-winners, you can purchase the calendar at  Hear the World – 100% of proceeds from calendar sales go to the Hear the World Foundation) Readers who participate will be entered to win a calendar giveaway.  Here is mine…

Becky Mansfield with her hand up to her ear with text above her.Your turn!! 


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