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This post contains affiliate links.

It is funny that I would post something that you should never do to hardwood floors, because the only reason that we know is because we have tried it!  Read on to find the one thing you should never use on hardwood floors (& how to fix scratches)

what you should never use on your hardwood floors
Never use Pledge (or similar products) on hardwoods!

Why?  This may be an “I already knew that” moment for you or it may be an “ah-ha” type of moment.  One time, our kids had mad such a mess on our floors that I decided to use pledge to clean it up… HUGE MISTAKE!

I practically caused an ice skating rink on that section of the kitchen.  It was awful.  My dad had done this before, too, and the same thing happened to him.    I tried to take it off with soap and water.   It didn’t help.  I eventually resorted to using the Magic Eraser because I was so afraid of the kids getting hurt. (It didn’t do much, either)

My other tip – to fix scratches, use Old English furniture polish.

It makes the biggest difference.  It is easy to use and works really well for this!  I used it when we moved in to fix the MANY scratches left by the previous owner’s dog.   It worked like a charm!

See how I clean my dark hardwood floors: 
best way to clean dark hardwood floors

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  1. I wish I had known that before I used Pledge on hardwood stairs. I don’t think I’ve ever gone down a flight of stairs that fast in my life. Thankfully I had no broken bones and can laugh about it now.

  2. Is that on natural hardwood oak floors. How do you get a shine then?

  3. I have always used Bona hardwood floor care products and have had wonderful results. Never slippery and always shiny hardwoods. You can also use a Sharpie to fix scratches and dings. Since my floors are more distress I use either a black or dark brown sharpie. You color it on and then wipe if off with a soft cloth before it dries on the surface. The color will stay in the crack and you will never see it! It works great. My son lays hardwood floors and told me of this trick.

  4. It’s funny that you mentioned how Pledge created an ice skating rink on your floors, I definitely have to agree with you on that one! I will be sure to try out the Old English next time we deep clean our hardwood floors. Thanks Becky!

    1. Do some research, Old English is not a recommended product.
      Google Wood Flooring Association to get lead in the right direction.
      I have been in the Wood Flooring Business for many years and do not want to see home owners
      Damage their floors.