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From the time that I was very little until I was a teen girl, I can remember walking into my mom’s room every morning, sitting on her vanity stool, and waiting while she brushed my hair. I used to love that time because it was just the two of us, talking.  

 Now that I have a daughter of my own, it is no different, except that our hair brushing happens at night. She loves when I do her hair, so every night after her bath, she gets in her pajamas and runs into my room. We sit on the floor or on my bed while I brush her hair and try new styles. If she likes one, we will do it again the next day. If not, I leave it alone and it dries curly and beautifully.   Of course, taming curly hair is another post… lol

A view from behind of a little girl swinging on a swing.

My daughter has amazing curls so I only brush it when it is wet, to avoid brushing the curls away. I also fix it when it’s wet because it is much easier to style when it’s wet and silky, compared to dried and curly.

Here are my five favorite hairstyles for long hair:

1- Braided Wrap.  
This one is so simple!  You French braid her hair down the right side until you get over to the left side and then instead of leaving it alone, just swing it back over to the right and pin it there with a bobby pin, then swing it back to the left and pin it with a bobby pin. It is as if you are making the letter G with her hair.  Tuck the ends in and add a few more bobby pins to secure it. 

air 2.jpg

2-  Braid into a bun.  
I take the middle section of her hair and French braid partway down her hair, then I stop the French braiding and just continue with a normal braid.  I take the braid and twist it into a bun. 


3-  Princess Twist
Take a small section of her hair from right behind her ear, and twist it all the way down.  Swing it across the back of her head to the other ear and secure it.  Do the same on the other side. That’s it!   

long hair styles

4- Twisted bun. 

Take the front of her hair and pull it back as if you were going to do a half-ponytail.  Now instead of putting a rubber band in it, you will use a bobby pin.  Twist it (one twist) and then secure the hair with a bobby pin.   Now take the bottom part and twist it into a messy bun. 


5- 1920’s style:
It couldn’t be more simple.  Take a headband that wraps around the entire head and place it over the hair.  Separate the hair into three sections and wrap each section around the base of the headband.   This takes around 30 seconds.   You can secure it with bobby pins. 

Pro Tip: I like to do this one while it is still wet because when it dries and you take her hair down, it will be curled perfectly!


While I love finding new styles for her hair, I love our conversations during these styling sessions even more. 🙂 Just as I remember my mom brushing, curling, and fixing my hair, Allie will remember doing these things with me. We are creating wonderful memories as well talk and have some of our best conversations.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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