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This year, I wanted to find gifts that our whole family could use… together.  I have a few non-toy gifts ready to go and today I found these ideas that I wanted to share. As our kids get older, buying for them gets harder and harder.  It is hard to think of something that they will love, but that benefits the whole family.  We like to find gifts that our whole family will love, so we can play it or spend time doing it together.

Here are a few gift ideas that will work great for growing children (or really any family or friends) that can be played or done together.

1.- Sharper Image Pizza Box  Ethan loves pizza, so this one is a no-brainer.  We love to make pizza at night as a family.  It will be used at least once a week! This box requires no pre-heating, it fits a pizza 9″-12″.  You can reheat pizza or make a new one.  The best part?  It turns off automatically when the pizza is done, so you don’t have to worry about burning the pizza.  (perfect for a busy family!)

2. –Sharper Image VR Headset  This headset works with your smartphone.  Put the smartphone into the tray and you can play hundreds of games, watch videos or use the apps.  It has a touchscreen and built-in speakers.  This makes for a great gift that you don’t see everywhere, so the kids will be so excited about it.

3- Sharper Image Lava Lamp– I had this same type of lava lamp when I was a child: with the purple & yellow ‘lava’.
A bedroom with a large bed sitting next to a window.
It is calming and really great for a child, especially a child having a hard time winding down at night.  You can put this in their room and let them just watch it as they fall asleep, forgetting about whatever it is that is keeping them awake as they focus on the lava.   This is our favorite gift.
They also make it with blue & green.

4.Sharper Image Drones– I don’t know any children that aren’t asking for a drone this year.  Sharper Image Drones let you explore the skies like never before- they offer the best RC quadcopters, video camera drones and RC helicopters.  They even have steady-cam professional HD Video Drones for the best aerial videography   Plus, we love that they have drones & choppers that are only one inch tall.

5- Sharper Image Remote Controlled Cars This is awesome.  This car is an RC Video Camera Spy Car.  It is easy to drive & it sends crystal-clear color photos & video with sound.  You just download the free app & pair the car with your device.  Then drive it with the virtual joystick on your phone or device.  It has digital zoom, night vision and working lights. Compatible with iphone and ipad (iOS 4.3+) and Samsung Galaxy/Android devices (2.2.0+)    I’m pretty sure this will be the boy’s favorite gift.

Any of these gifts are going to be great for your family, kids or friends.   They are unique and fun, plus everyone in your family will get a kick out of them.   They are all fun gifts that we can use as a family.

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