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Frogmore Stew recipe (low country boil)

Every time that my husband and I would visit my grandparents on Hilton Head Island, they would make us Frogmore Stew (a ‘Southern’ dish also known as Low Country Boil.) This was my husband’s favorite dish!

He started going with us to visit my grandparents at HHI when we were in highschool and she made this for him up until she could no longer cook. When she knew that we were coming, she would run to the store to get all of the ingredients (and to pick up my favorite ice cream). My grandma never claimed to be a good cook. She would remind us: “No one comes to visit for my cooking.” It may have been true, but she was an amazing person and EVERYONE went there for that reason.

On the first night, we would eat frogmore stew and play “hand & foot” (a card game) with my grandparents. (My grandpap and my husband were the best players, but my grandma was pretty great, too.)

Onto the recipe (it is VERY easy to make!)
My Aunt wrote it down for me and we love to make it in our (now) Southern home. (Those who know me well know that I throw the word “Southern” out there a lot- I grew up Watching Gone with the Wind, wanting to be Scarlett one day (our son even has the nickname “Beau” from the movie). Fiddle Dee Dee…

In a the largest pan that you have, add water.

1 Tablespoon old Bay seasoning (you can add more if you want more of this flavor)
6-8 little red potatoes
1 small onion (whole)
Bring this to a boil

Add Hillshire Farm Sausage (cut up)
Simmer for 15-20 minutes

Add 8-10 mini ears of frozen corn (the small ones that you buy in the freezer section- you can get it any time of year).

Simmer for 10 more minutes

Add in frozen shrimp (as much as you want).

When the shrimp turns pink, it is done. (About 5 minutes)

Just drain it, put it into a big bowl (my grandma had a special bowl for this) or on a big platter.



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  1. I love Low Country Boil. We have so much good, fresh seafood here, we eat it often. So simple, easy to make, and everyone loves it.

    Thanks for the reminder to get out my big pot and cook up a batch!

    1. I agree- I could eat it often, but I always forget to make it (& it is SO simple!) 🙂 Enjoy your dinner!

  2. This looks good. I’ve been wanting to try a boil like this with crawfish.

  3. What lovely memories, and what a delicious dish! Your Low Country Boil sounds like perfect comfort food. Thank you for sharing it with the Hearth and Soul hop.